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Top 10 Digital Skills That Every student Must Have

Top 10 Digital Skills That Every student Must Have


We are living in a digital era where automation is taking over the workforce. We even hardly remember a time when we weren’t as connected and could use different devices to perform the simplest of tasks. As we progress, we expect technology to be ingrained into our daily activities and more intuitive.

Across industries, companies have not been left behind. More and more are digitizing their processes and operations. Therefore, the students of today have to equip themselves with the necessary skills that the job market requires.

It’s not about knowing how to surf the internet to get paraphrase help online. Having necessary computer skills is essential for those who would like to pursue jobs that required technology light, individuals, traditionally. These are the skills to master:

1. Social Media

The number of mobile social users increased by over 30%, according to a 2017 report by Hootsuite. The projection has it that the figures will still rise. Social media is a valuable marketing tool for companies.

Brands and companies need people who understand the relationship between consumers, brands, and influencers. That’s is someone who can drive traffic to their products and services, which leads to conversion.

2. Personal Branding

It is common for recruiters to look for potential candidates on social media. It places significance on the kind of image that you project online. You need to take your online presence seriously.

Your online profile sheds light on your accomplishments, values, dreams, desires, and opinions. Always put your best foot forward. Be it on social media, websites or blogs.

3. Coding

It is an essential skill for the future. Many schools around the world include it in their curriculum. You can also study online through sites like Udemy, Codecademy, etc. And learn at your own pace.

It’s not just a preserve for those who would like to pursue a technical path. With only a basic understanding of CSS, HTML, and others, you will be able to know what you can or can’t do with a web page.

4. Cloud Service

You managed to get a suitable automatic paraphrase, for your paper and have completed it. You saved it but not correctly, and you need to make a few edits. Such a situation could make this day the longest in your life.

You should be able to know how to use the cloud. And more so, to backup your material. From documents, audio files, to videos. Know how to use and leverage a cloud service and especially for document management.

5. Video/ Image Editing

It is essential for students to have editing skills for different media. Be it pictures or videos, because most things have a digital component. Such editing skills could be vital for creating an impressive presentation for the board, or simply for personal use.

The role of video content isn’t just for entertainment purposes. Business can video to engage potential and current consumers. Also, many find it easier to consume video content than a blog post.

6. Collaboration

If you go through the values of most businesses, you won’t fail to see teamwork listed. In an organization, different departments work side by side to achieve the same goal. Students need to have necessary project management skills.

Digital tools allow for collaborative functionality. In that, students need the know how to navigating between different platforms, to work together. Start experimenting with tools such as Trello, Basecamp and couple it with Google Docs for effective collaboration.

7. Microsoft Office

In virtually, every profession, you will need to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Brush up on your knowledge about them, and don’t forget to get the proper paraphrase tool online. For you to come across as a competent employee, you need to know how to create presentations and the use of spreadsheets.

Don’t limit your literacy to these tools only, try out other available open-source office suites. Companies are increasingly using such tools.

8. File Conversion

It is a broad area, and you can just start with one at a time. You will and are sharing a lot of information online, with your employers and colleagues, alike. Before you use a file on a website, social media, etc., you may have to convert it first.

When sharing files with co-workers, one may need to convert it from one format to another, before sending. You need to understand image compression, and conversion of videos, audios, doc files, and more.

9. Personal Archiving

Learn how to archive information on the web. That includes learning about keywords, tagging, metadata, and categories. You also have to learn how to represent such information, online.

10. Screencasting

With the rise of video content, so is their need for creation of quality videos. For a novice, you can tools such as Camtasia, or Screencast-o-Matic, to create a video that articulates your ideas.


The increased use of technology in our daily lives leads to the need for students with relevant digital skills. You can start by learning one skill at a time, but the bottom line is, you need to start.

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