5 tips to create a life-changing plan for your 2018

Your plan in 2017 and other years may have been a full-proof plan according to your analysis. But unfortunately, you achieved little or nothing those past years. There are few changes you need to make to your plans this New Year. These are simple tips anyone hungry for change can implement successfully. Here are five ways you can create a life-changing plan for the New Year.

5 tips to create a life-changing plan for your 2018

  1. Develop skills

Skill development is an integral part of professional development. The skills you develop now might help you to build a better future and achieve success. Create plans to develop skills presentation skills if you plan to become a motivational speaker. Job interviews and subsequent on the job presentations will be easier for you.

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Focus on developing at least two to three skills this year – do not think of learning everything in a one year plan. You should be ready for career advancement by developing at least two to three skills each year.

Strategies to develop your skills

  • Get training by participating in workshop or course – online or locally.
  • Research and read articles or books about the skill to get more ideas
  • Practice consistently
  • Ask people who are doing well in the skill to give you feedback
  1. Create a realistic plan

Your plan should be realistic. Do not attempt to add things that are achievable in five years into a one year plan. You will only be choking yourself up and achieve little or nothing at the end of the day. See the plan as a map guiding you through your life-changing journey.

Write your goals down and ask yourself if you can achieve those goals. Do not set unrealistic goals just because you want to please someone. Set goals that are convenient for you.

Write your goals down and ask yourself if you can achieve those goals. Do not set unrealistic goals just because you want to please someone. Set goals that are convenient for you.

Strategies for creating realistic plans

While setting goals, always stick to the SMART Principle. Remind yourself what each letter stands for and be ready to work.

  • S – Specific

Is your goal unambiguous?

  • M – Measurable

Can another person determine whether you achieved the goal or not?

  • A – Action

What is/are the actions you plan to take?

  • R – Realistic

Considering the challenges you are bound to face and timeframe, is the goal achievable?

  • T – Time

Is there a specified deadline to achieve the goal?

  1. Do not be afraid to start small

When creating a plan, the first step is to create short-term as well as long-term goals. From there, you can break them down into smaller but manageable steps you can measure and achieve. For instance, if you plan on losing 40 pounds within the next six months, break it down into smaller steps. Create a plan to lose one pound every week for the next six months.

  1. Involve Someone

It is possible to lose motivation along the way when trying to make your life-changing plan a reality. Get someone you hold in high esteem to encourage, keep you motivated and accountable. It could be your colleague at the office, friend, or a family member. Consider getting yourself involved in a support group where there are people with like minds. If you are trying to stop smoking, get someone who is also planning to do the same. Both of you can encourage each other to stop the act.

A study in 2017 concerning how obesity can spread through social networks went viral. The social psychological research showed that goals are contagious. Seeing other pursuing the same goal is among the most powerful triggers that can lead to unconscious goal pursuit. For example, if someone in the office is planning to achieve a particular weight loss contest for the New Year, you will be more tempted to become part of that contest.

  1. Write your plans down

There is something about putting your thoughts down on paper rather than saying them. You can say all sought of things without even realizing any because they are just mere talks. But in writing, you are going to get down to the specifics. You will be more careful when you write because you will revisit them again.

It is very important to create a plan for the New Year. Your plan is like a map that will guide you through the journey of realizing your life-changing plans. We have provided some useful tips to help you achieve those plans. But remember it will take self-determination and commitment to make your plans work.


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