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3 Powerful Techniques to Rank Your Blog Posts Higher in Search Ranking

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As the online business grows, being noticed has advanced by leaps from simply inserting keywords in your content to rank highly in searches. Long gone are the days when creating a blog, applying a few keywords and links would guarantee your business the exposure to rank highly in searches.

Google is always creating better search algorithms have gotten a lot better and of course, the competition for the top is getting stiffer every day. To perform well; get more clicks, a larger following, and more revenue, you have to constantly be on the lookout for your ranking and find ways to continually improve.

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Google is always creating better search algorithms have gotten a lot better and of course, the competition for the top is getting stiffer every day with our services at https://gpalabs.com/presentation.html . We have found these 3 powerful techniques that will get you to the top:

Technique 1: Use relevant links

If you are writing a travel blog and want to post something about the great wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara and Serengeti, link to resources that are related to wildlife migration, environmental conservation, the National Parks etc. Linking to unrelated resources will kill your blog.

Google ranks and searches using these linkages, the better linked the easier to trace and the more relevant the information and the result will inevitably be a better ranking. While linking, do so to sites and pages that already rank high in relation to your topic.

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Technique 2: Advance to group keywords

Well, the norm has been using one keyword in your posts and you would get the job done; not anymore. The new proven technique that is doing wonders for bloggers is using a group of effective keywords in the blog post to improve the click on the rate of your site.

So, how will you find these collections of words? Google search is a god place to start- run your keyword and find out what words are related to it. Since they are related, if used, they will strengthen your content and elevate your search ranking.

Technique 3: Writing new content is good; improving good content is even better

It is well, to keep churning out new posts for your blog, in any case, online visitors want new things. But for purposes of higher ranking, improving the blog posts that are already liked and have a following is the best bet, alongside producing new material.

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There are several ways to make existing material better, but the most effective ways are adding more links to your already popular posts, shaving off fluff, edit further for easier reading and condense the content more to elevate keyword density. Google analytics will notice that you are improving content, and rank you higher.

Signing off…..

High ranking in Google searches is now a cutthroat affair; competition is tough and quality and relevance expectations are even higher. To stay on top requires that you stay well informed and always update your content to rank high, however, there are more people getting online every day who require the information you are offering and will click to your site if you manage to package it and position yourself for success.


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