Insanely Practical SEO Techniques for Higher Rankings

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Over 80% of users do research before online purchasing from a company and whilst searching 42% choose the 1st listing on the first page of search engine meanwhile 21% choose the 2nd one. That’s means ranking matters and we know this is the SEO (search engine optimization) phenomenon. The better the SEO techniques the better the rank will be. So, all of you out there looking for the insanely practical SEO techniques for higher rankings; here we are going to discuss them.

Website’s Technicality

First of all, you have to determine the technicality of your website. Evaluating or auditing the website’s technicality means to analyze the level of search visibility. It is the method that will ease you to understand that why are you not able to get appropriate traffic on your website. This act can be performed in several ways but most suitable way to perform this analysis is to use any of the online available services. This kind of services can generate an in-depth audit report of your website through which you can overcome the vulnerabilities.

User’s Value Matter

Always keep yourself in touch with your ideal user’s value. Look what are they looking for? As your ideal user will give feedback and you will have an idea about future trends. Keep an eye on their values, it really matters because the user will decide that which of your product is going to make money. So, concentrate on trends and plan for future.

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Appropriate Landing Page

Who wants to waste time on irrelevant advertisements? Try to build your landing page most appropriate to balance the comfort level of your visitors. It is a fact that most B2B enterprises ignore the importance of landing page which results in the frustration of the visitors.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Sites

In a recent study, it is stated that 79% of websites are converted into mobile responsive sites. Always remember that user approaches your websites from several domains like mobile, tabs or palm computers etc. So, it’s much appropriate to build a responsive website that supports most of the devices.


Enhance Infographic

According to a Chinese’s quotation; “A picture is equivalent to 100 words.” It is a fact that users normally skip that most of the plain text information and give priority to pictorial information. So, focus on providing better infographic on your website.

Latent Semantic Indexing

It is a technique that used by Google to identify the content of your web page. Latent Semantic Indexing works upon the mathematical phenomenon that will generate synonyms of keywords related to your content. It’s a critical method but somehow it really matters. For better SEO results LSI must be followed as it will impact on the ranking in Google index.

Target Your Competitors

Keeping an eye on your competitors will ease you to enhance your planning. You can search for the keywords they are using for better rankings. For this purpose, you can visit their web pages or use web services for checking their keywords. After knowing the secret you can follow the same keywords for better results.

Update and Republish

Republishing also is handy. Pick any article from past and throw some new exciting information it, attach some interesting heading and publish it again. It will give the effective result. But make sure that the modification has been performing perfectly and there is something updated in it.

SEO of web page hugely depends upon providing relevant material to the potential visitors. But to maximize the outcome of your website you have to make sure that it can be accessible the targeted users. For this purpose, these SEO techniques can surely be effective.

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