What Link Building will be like in the future

What Link Building will be like in the future


The year 2017 is a significant year in the SEO industry. It brought about many changes the way SEO managers perceived link building. Link spam was devalued which made the success of link building campaigns more challenging. Besides all of that, Google updates introduced at irregular intervals of time were at times unannounced by the search engine giant made people think over their strategies again, which resulted in a big confusion regarding link building plans.

As of today, any website which wants to rank high on Google needs to use link building techniques. The good news is that when you produce good quality content in an organized way and build quality links, you can be assured of higher rankings. Here are some ways you can adopt for outreach which can withstand the test of time:

Add More Value

It is quite important that you browse the topics which webmasters have already covered on their blogs. If you provide a topic to them which has already been covered, they will not be likely interested in publishing it on their website and linking to it. Browse through all the topics which are a solution to a previous unanswered query in one of the previous posts published on their website or blog.

Sharing the best resources with the community that tie into the article is a great way to add more value to your content. Relevant link building is always more valuable and worthy considered by Google. Always link to a website which has the same niche and domain as yours.

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Also, to increase the value of your own content, you can include a link of one of the authoritative websites which have published quite a popular article on their website. Include the link on a phrase which directly relates to the ranking web page. Their published link should have relevancy with your material and this will increase the value of your own website.

Quality Content

Remember to always focus on quality compared to only the quantity. Before you start reaching out to people and request them for links, you will have to give them a strong reason for linking to you. The most reasonable way to start off is to provide them quality content which gives them real value for their blog. By creating relevant and interesting content which provides required info to the audience, you will automatically start getting links from other quality websites. Quality content entices other websites to link back to you.

Link Reclamation

Link Reclamation involves all those links which are broken and point at your site. It is more of a process which involves weeding out spammy incoming links which otherwise can affect your authority and rankings in a negative way. The reasons for such links can be many. It could also be due to a 404 error which was created due to moving of the original page from its original position.

Broken links are not a sign of a quality site, so the best way is to find out all the broken links from various tools available online including Screaming Frog and other free link checker sites and fix them forever so that they point out in the right direction.

Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper Technique

This is a content driven technique used lately for link building recently used by a number of SEO experts.
It’s based on searching for a good piece of content within your niche that is a rich and then search for ways for creating better content.

Once new content is created, you need to reach out to the right people that have already linked to a similar content, but of lower quality compared to the one which you have written now. The advantages of using skyscraper techniques are many.

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This results in an overall increase in the authority of the blog. This can happen only if your content provides exceptional value to your readers. Make your content stand out from the rest of the articles while making it quite appealing. Since the existing content will have already been indexed, therefore creating a much better content can topple the original one and create more traffic for you.

Eye catching Subject Line

The subject line used in your email should be creative and catchy that will get your emails addressed to Webmasters opened and read in their already flooded inbox. An irresistible and well-crafted subject line is difficult to ignore. Besides you, there are thousands of other people vying for the webmaster’s attention.

Don’t make it specific enough to divulge the details and a bit vague enough to not reveal all the details. Add also info whenever possible, related to your social media account, phone number, and your website address.


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