Fix Google Account Sync error on Android Smartphones

Fix Google sync error on andriod

Most People stick to Andriod Device than Other Platform, Suddenly you might face Google Sync error on your Android smartphone, you may see this message “Sync is currently experiencing issues and will be back shortly” or an icon Sync issue.Even after Tapping  Sync Now button , you will end up with the same error.This Sync error could affect many Google services like Contacts, Calendar, Gallery, Gmail, Play store  and More.What happens is is google account is not syncing with android and your android email account Like Gmail is not syncing automatically this could be a Serious issue for some users.

As usual, you will take a help of Google and after digging down many solutions for SYNC error you still might end up with the same error because of many reasons.In this post, I’m gonna tell you how to fix Google Sync error on your Andriod with a help of video.

 How to fix Google Sync error : Solution


Method 1: First of all make sure you have set correct date and time , If not go to setting and choose correct date and time.
1. Go to Google calendar from your Andriod Smartphone

2. Tap on Menu setting and then in setting click on your existing Gmail Account

3. Now tap on add account on Setting Screen after that click on Google account

4. Enter you Existing Gmail Id and password

5. After completing Sign-In process , Restart you phone

6. After restarting Go to google account and tap on SYNC now

If this Method doesn’t work , Please jump to Method -2 (Make sure you have followed all the steps carefully)
I have Embedded a video above, that might help you dig up the steps faster to fix sync error issue on your android.

Method 2: Follow the steps carefully, You can always take a Backup like contacts , WhatsApp as secondary backup measures in case if you mess up with your Phone.

1.  Now Go to setting Remove all the Gmail account from Account & sync menu.

2. Restart your Phone in Recovery Mode (Tutorial :  how to enter into recovery mode )

3. Now Select Wipe cache ( It doesn’t affect your Internal Storage Data) and reboot

4. Now add your existing or new Gmail account on Account & sync Setting.

Hope it works, Please Follow the steps carefully and I have added video tutorial that might help you . This method will solve google contacts sync error,  facebook contact photos sync problem, and other services.


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