What Is the Default IP Address of Belkin Router? IP address – This is actually the default IP address of your home network for some of the popular broadband wireless routers such as SMC and Belkin models. By default, your network router has this IP address to access the settings and admin panel along with the default username and password as the admin and 1234. It is also known as the default internet wireless network gateway address for some of the SMC, Belkin, and other models of the wireless routers.

Belkin wireless routers:

Belkin is one of the most popular brands of the home broadband wireless routers which have default IP address and login details. Almost all models of Belkin routers offer 2 IP addresses to the users. One is very helpful to connecting outside to the internet and another one is for communication inside your home network. The IP address used for the internet access is known as the public IP address and for the home network is called a private IP address. Belkin routers usually have easy wireless networking setup and solutions because they are coming pre-configured with the effective wireless security encryption to get the users up and running in the safer manner from the beginning.

Belkin factory settings for default IP address:

All models of the Belkin home wireless routers actually contain the default IP address. During the manufacturing process, the vendors are setting up a particular ip address by default in its settings. The particular value of the internet protocol address is basically depending on the brand and also model of the router device. Most probably, according to this site 19216821ip.com the default ip address of the Belkin brand routers will be

The administrator of the router should need to know this specific default ip address of your Belkin router for making connection to the internet, accessing the admin panel, management console, and changing the default values like username and password. Whenever you are willing to get into the setup page or admin panel of your Belkin wireless router, it is essential to open the on your web browser. It is very helpful to prompt the user for the administrative default login details of the router to allow complete access.

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Changing default IP address of Belkin router:

This IP address is sometimes known as the default gateway address of the Belkin routers as the client computers rely on the wireless router as their default gateway to get the access to use the internet. Sometimes, the computer OS also use this specific term on their menus of the network configuration. When the Belkin home network powers on each time, it is using the same private network address unless the admin changes it. At many instant, you will be in the need of changing this default IP address of the Belkin wireless network router. This change of default internet protocol address is highly necessary sometimes in order to avoid the IP address conflict with the wireless internet modem because another router already installed on this same IP address.

Some of the home network Belkin router users prefer having the address which is too simple to remember for their purposes. From using any private internet protocol address over another, there is no use in the security and performance of your wireless network. Thus, change of default ip address will not have any effect on the admin settings of your router device such as network mask or subnet mask, DNS (Domain Name System) address values, and passwords. At the same time, it will not have any effect on the wireless internet connection.

Resetting your Belkin router and default IP addresses:

When you reset your wireless router, it replaces all of network settings including the default values of your network device such as IP address, username and password. Even if your admin has already changed the default ip address, resetting the wireless router will change it again to the older positions. Router reset is necessary only in the rare situations where there are incorrect settings or sometimes invalid data are updated in the router. Otherwise, just switch off and on the router is enough to solve the various settings problems of the Belkin wireless router.

Hi, I am Cathy Freeman, a technology writer & blogger by profession. I love to write articles for many online communities, blogs, & websites related to computer tips & new technologies.


Hi, I am Cathy Freeman, a technology writer & blogger by profession. I love to write articles for many online communities, blogs, & websites related to computer tips & new technologies.