Branding In The Age of AI: Things You Won’t Want to Skip!

Branding In The Age of AI: Things You Won’t Want to Skip!

You’ve probably heard, read, or even used the AI-aided technology these days. And the fact that 2018 witnessed the sales of 56.3 million ‘smart speakers’ comes as no surprise at all. In case you don’t know what a smart speaker is, it’s a wireless speaker and a voice command device that’s integrated with the popular AI agents, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s virtual assistant.

The command is yours and the action is that of your AI. It can help schedule your appointments, check the grocery list for you, book your flight tickets and different rides, set alarms for important events, find you the best performing product in the brand bucketload, and keep track of your budget – all done with the skill of your virtual and without you having to move a finger.

The facilities rendered by these AI bots have made the customers rely on AI bots for almost everyday tasks, which explains the growing sales figures of the AI-integrated speakers. It’s evident that AI is taking over most of the jobs done by humans by simplifying the tasks and bringing accuracy with numbers, statistics, and facts.

How Businesses Feel About AI Taking Over The World?

Now that AI is taking over, how do brands feel about this? Are they ready to accept the revolution AI has brought about? Will their marketing strategies be challenged? In a recent report published by Marketing Charts, more than 300 marketers were asked what they expected from AI in 2018. 59% replied that it helped them recognize potential customers, while 53% believed that it will help improve marketing strategies to generate revenue.

With the consumer data shifting rapidly towards an advanced level of marketing platform, brands and marketers are realizing the need of this viral tech. According to Salesforce, more than 51% of the global marketers are using AI and 27% are expected to leverage AI by 2019.

And as for the technology itself, the developing firms are already competing to improve upon their virtual bots in order to establish it as the favored consumer platform in the coming future. The AI is becoming the paradigm shift that is going to transform the way brands connect with their consumers. Between brands and their targets, AI will serve as the main communication channel using the algorithmic data from the consumer platform and analyze their shopping experience for better product use and predictions in the future.  

What Businesses Shouldn’t Be Missing Out On

The fact that AI is going to rein the world is apparent, which is why brands need to focus their strategies more on developing relations with customers with the AI’s aid. And with that, they should prepare and expect an inevitable growth in the near future. However, here’s what marketers shouldn’t be skipping when integrating AI into their business strategies.

1.  Using Voice Search For SEO

When it comes to marketing your brand on the internet, you can’t possibly dismiss optimization for better ranking and enhanced customer navigation. While SEO is the key factor, the use of voice search becomes immensely important. When consumers search your brand online, most of them use keywords or long-tail phrases and voice them out for the Google assistant for added convenience.

Moreover, the use of Alexa-integrated speakers and the Google voice search feature alone define the strategy that every developing brand needs to focus on. As a brand, they need to pinpoint what people ask than type in the search section. They must level up their customer service and keep track of what their customer ask about their brand and what they need to improve. They could record the customer care conversations and discover the key phrases their customers use to define their brand and how they could infuse that knowledge with their respect to their product.

2.  Discovering The Niche Market

If you’re branding on a platform that your customers don’t use, then you need to change your strategy for attracting potential customer. You need to find where your competitors stand and where you need to go. What’s more, you can discover the platforms where consumers mostly go to find your products. Whether it’s a magnanimous online sales market like Amazon or any review site like Yelp, you can start optimizing the search for your products.

3.  Letting AI Take Care Of The Details

Since AI digs down the details of the consumer database using specialized algorithms, brands can employ a series of consumer-centered features that are based solely on the stats and numbers derived from the database. The IA can be used to run several pages of the brand’s website at a time, experiment with different content to see what works for the audience, drive overall engagement, and use interactive call-to-action to make more impact.

4.  Using Virtual Bots

Brands these days don’t feel the need to hire a human customer service agent; most just go ahead by having a virtual assistant developed for their site. With the help of AI, not only can you learn to discover your audience but also explore the consumer response rate and the time best for responses. Driving the analytics means that you’ll be receiving the best approach you can act on to increase brand revenue.

5.  Incorporating AI Features In Your Brand Website

Since it’s important to run all the AI work at the backend, it’s also necessary to showcase your advanced skills on the frontend as well. Several brands are using AI-driven features to enhance the user experience. For instance, if you’re scouring a logo that connects your business with your audience, you can use an intelligent AI logo maker to deliver an original and premium logo design suited best for your business.

Similarly, you can integrate other AI features that can improve the overall standing of your brand, boost the consumer experience, and ultimately, uplift your sales by knowing your customers better.

6.  Localize Your Marketing Strategies

The AI may be the smart one here, but you’ve got to be the smartest. Before you go international, it’s more important to make a solid effort to rise on top of the local marketing platform. Use the AI technology to learn the following:

  • How are the locals conducting their search? Is it written or verbal?
  • Which product do they prefer most?
  • Where do their interests lie and how are they accomplishing them?
  • How does their interest connect with your brand?
  • What should you do to reach them more effectively?

The answers to all these questions lie in how you use the AI technology. If you’re using the AI for a local SEO process, it might help the locals navigate them to your site. Moreover, by analyzing the behavior and shopping pattern of your targets, you can narrow down your strategies to a particular ones and elevate your sales figures in no time.

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7.  Prioritizing Your Brand

Your brand is your priority and you should be realizing that from the start. Given the encompassing role of the evolutionary AI on every niche industry, you must never forget the core values for which your business is known. When you build your brand from the scratch, you establish the key ideas that are will channelize effective communication between you and your customers. Incorporating AI in your business should be used to enhance the objectives of your business, not to hide them under the overpowered AI tech.

Wrapping It Up

Finding a digital voice in this revolutionary era isn’t an uncommon thing; the hard task is to rather merge that digital voice with your own and respond accurately to the consumer’s voice. The connecting link is the AI, integrating which leverages benefits beyond anything else.

The brands that are willing to learn along the AI progress are the ones that will be the innovators as well as the harbingers of new and responsive technology. If you’re incorporating the emerging AI in your brand, make sure you don’t forget to take a step back and then forth to structure and align your plan and the technology. This is the only way you can improve, succeed, and voice your brand message to your target consumers.

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