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Are you using your cloud storage properly?

Are you using your cloud storage properly

We have been observing the technological improvements in each area, and data storage is not an exception for that as well. Now we can store the millions of data in the cloud because of cloud database invention. We are all been hearing the same words from news articles and press, that is, move your business to cloud to reduce cost, timing, and increased efficiency.

But nobody has pointed out that the adverse effects if we fail to utilize it properly. If it did not organize in a right manner, you have more chances to get losses, instead of profits from your business.

Why You Should Consider Migrating Your Services to the Cloud

What’s wrong with the cloud storage?

Usage of cloud storage database system has been increasing very rapidly, due to increased volumes of data. According to a survey done buy  Ganter 21.4 % has increased the utilization of cloud services in 2018 to a total of $ 186.4 billion, which was $153.5 billion in 2017.

Another prediction from IDC shows that public cloud market will reach  $ 160 billion in 2018, which is 23.2% extra compared to 2017. The main set back is that the significant portion of these resources is waste of money.

This situation is said to be cloud wastage. We buy cloud services from the cloud service providers like Amazon web services, or Microsoft Azure and so on. These service providers are mostly charging users according to their usage. It is just like the utility bills of our home; we get the bill according to our usage.

Sometimes we forgot to turn off the things like fans, and lights even though we are out, which results in the extra bill. The same thing applied to cloud services; also, they charges will increase, when we forgot to turn off the servers when not in actual usage.

Shocking news is that the companies are paying  36% extra cloud costs than the actual use. Another big issue associated with the cloud is that it may not become as easy as we think due to dozens and dozens of various servers out there. Each of them shows data in its format using different API methods and multiple approaches to the user.

Such kind of all factors leads to an increased burden on engineers, and it takes much time as well to understand the complete infrastructure. They required to monitor the metrics manually and map them to each other. It usually takes lots of money and time-consuming process for the engineers.

How to fix cloud imperfections in the organization

Cloud is not secure as we often talk. We should be conscious while we are moving to cloud-based business. If anything is not organized the adverse effect properly would be worse than the positive one.

To solve these issues we do have other startup techies who address these issues in different ways. Below mentioned are some of them.

Fighting cloud wastage

Reports say that most popular businesses are likely to use cloud services, to enhance their business worldwide. Due to increased customer data, it has become mandatory for every organization to move into cloud database for valid results. The leading cloud service provider is Amazon web services, which accounts for 40% to 50% of the total cloud market.

Some of the startups are already working seriously to fix cloud wastage problems while using AWS (amazon web services). The best possible way to reduce this cloud wastage is to switch off the systems when not in use. It may seem to be very hard to do it manually when big companies are dealing with massive amount of virtual networks for various purposes, say for example testing, development, or for other tasks.

Cloud Timing tool allows the engineer or non-technical employee to create settings, which will automatically turn off the computer when not in actual use. Thereby an organization can get rid off of the problem called cloud wastage. The result would be saving 60% of cloud costs, which amounts to $62 billion every year worldwide.

There are other tools as well to decrease the cloud wastage, which is Cloudyn for Microsoft Azure and Turbonomic, which is used to lower the cloud wastages even for those organizations using hybrid cloud computing.

Create a centralized place

When a business moved from non-cloud services to cloud services, it is not only associated with the cloud wastage but also with other issues as well. Nowadays most companies have distributed system with various elements, which uses specific cloud applications. Companies use different logos and dashboards for accessing the crucial data, so it is difficult to monitor the metrics and events.

Datadogs is a service, which helps engineers to find quickly and analyze the crucial data from multiple applications. The datadog service is integrated with all applications across the full DevOps stack, to speed up the process.

Final thoughts

Now due to globalization, an organization can perform its transactions across the globe. It’s become comfortable with the invention of cloud computing services. At present Every organization moving on to cloud computing platform to deliver the better, and quick services to their customers. It must be organized in a specific manner to get the positive results. If cloud services do not use in an organized or practical way, it will have an adverse effect, which may lead to massive losses, especially for startups. So it is necessary to use tools which helps us in reducing the cloud wastage to get the desired profits.

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