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Top Seven Important Technologies Of Salesforce Cloud As Game Changers

Top Seven Important Technologies Of Salesforce Cloud As Game Changers

As we all know business includes lot of things from procuring the material to final product.  A business has to witness so many activities which will lead to, send the final product to the user. Even though after sale of the product to the user, our task has not yet completed. Here is the crucial part begins. Customers are the main resource for any business to sustain in long-run. We need to maintain healthy & happy customer relationship even after the sale, which is nothing but service. Service plays a crucial role in the success of the company.

Source : trailhead.salesforce.com
Source : trailhead.salesforce.com

CRM (Customer relationship management)

Salesforce CRM helps the business organizations to maintain relationship with customers and it helps in solving the issues related to products and it builds the relationship between the company and customer with which a company can get the more no of deals from the same customer as well as from the referrals of the customers. Salesforce CRM as a software which is the world best customer relationship management system, which allows us to fix the customer related queries very quickly and the end result is customer satisfaction.

1. Sales cloud

Source : trailhead.salesforce.com

SC  ( Sales force cloud ) is the platform which is supported by salesforce and which contains the information regarding customers such as accounts, contacts, contracts, features, opportunities, quotations, price lists, and product related information of the company.

Salesforce cloud will help us to access the sales information very quickly and accuracy is the main point in this, it will allow us to analyze with ease without any difficulty. Salesforce cloud helps in taking decisions and in drawing future plans. Sales cloud features include web to support online lead capture with auto response rules.

Salesforce cloud supports the business for faster development and also it is very quicker and cost effective.

2. Service Cloud

Source : trailhead.salesforce.com
Source : trailhead.salesforce.com

Salesforce service cloud customer relationship management platform allows users to mechanize service, process, and streamline workflows. Service cloud helps you to track the customer related queries and needs, and it will assist them with suitable remedies. Service cloud helps us in satisfying the customer very deeply. It works as a chain system to track the customer issue and fix them as soon as possible. Service cloud gives us a chance to view the customer in 360 degree view.

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When it comes to security salesforce service cloud, it is multilayered and highly secured, and there is no need to worry about the information of your business. It is highly secured and it also helps in reducing the manual errors.

A study shows that the usage of Salesforce service cloud in an organization has the following impact on it. The productivity of an organization increased by 40%, case resolution increased by 41%, and it ultimately leads to 31% of growth in customer retention.

3. Marketing cloud

Source : trailhead.salesforce.com

Salesforce marketing cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform which allows marketers to reach the targeted customers through different mediums. The main purpose of cloud marketing is to acquire  the customers by using different marketing campaigns such as facebook marketing, twitter marketing email marketing, quora marketing. Salesforce marketing cloud helps us in reaching the customers to all parts of the globe with a minimal cost. It offers reminders, suggestions, and discounts. Marketing cloud gives an opportunity to connect with existed customers and in creating new customer.

Salesforce marketing cloud is much secured and it shows real time information for decision making.

Marketing cloud uses following seven ways to reach customers:

  • Email marketing
  • Mobile studio
  • Social media
  • Advertising studio
  • Journey builders
  • Salesforce DMP (data management platform)
  • Data studio

4. Community Cloud


Source : trailhead.salesforce.com

Now due to globalization we got an opportunity to do business worldwide. But it is very difficult to interact with people who are working in the same organization but in different parts of the world. So to eliminate this issue salesforce.com has introduced a new platform called salesforce community cloud which integrates employees, partners and customers on a platform to chat and discuss about the different things. It helps the workforce to simplify work, screen sharing, and helps in problem solving. Customers can have access to the information through community cloud and they can educate themselves by having the required information.

Salesforce cloud simplified the process through its secured interaction between multiple persons of an organization.  With community clouding one can easily solve the issues of the other employee or customer within a short period. Through this time and cost decreases and meanwhile efficiency will increase.

5. Einstein Analytics

Source : trailhead.salesforce.com

The data of the salesforce users has been increasing day to day due to because of their huge operational activities. The use need to take the insights from the data generated and they need to consider the data for future references and decision making purpose. The numerous of data that is generating is growing very rapidly and it became very difficult for them to analyze manually and the demand for analytics witnessing a greater importance now a days. To get out of this problem and to simplify the data salesforce introduced new platform called salesforce Einstein analytics.

Millions of users of salesforce can be utilize this Einstein analytics to get rid out of the huge volumes of data challenge. By using Einstein Analytics, companies and their departments can draw conclusions very quickly and it helps in accelerating their sales as well as growth. Usually customers  have access to the advanced analytics which is inbuilt in salesforce.

6. Salesforce Platform

Source : trailhead.salesforce.com

Salesforce platform is an advanced and simplified platform to create customized apps to develop according to the organizational needs. Salesforce platform allows you to develop your own app with a simple procedure which will help you in delivering the better and quick service to the customer. You can build, connect, optimize, and deploy any kind of app in to cloud by using salesforce. You can find a way to stay ahead of the competition curve by utilizing salesforce platform. The app will have user id and password and with which you can login in to your asp from any corner in the world.

7. Salesforce IoT

Source : trailhead.salesforce.com

Let’s have a small introduction about what is INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT), every day we use internet to access to information and to connect with different people who are in different parts of the word. In the same way, the machines started using the internet to connect with other devices for multiple purposes. Devices are now using the internet to connect with other devices for the purpose of better performance and to raise the service issues.

Some of the famous Internet Of things include: Activity and fitness monitors like the Nike fuel band and Fit bit, and the Google glass wearable computers are some of the things in IoT.

IoT helps you in sending the information of the customer into your CRM platform in real-time. In brief IoT enables you to understand your customer in a completely new way.

IoT can collect and analyze the customer information without human intervention. IoT helps in social media marketing which is crucial now a day, to promote your business. It performs social media functions such as sharing the new posts and sending the alerts to the customers etc.

For instance Toyota has introduced Its IoT to social network with its Toyota friend platform, Built using salesforce platform which enable to connect their customers by sending important alerts related to key issues of the vehicles before they turned in to un-repairable.

Final Thoughts

The world is witnessing rapid competition due to technological advancements in each and every field. We need to be very conscious about the customer acquisition and customer retention to sustain our business in the long run. To stay away from this problem you can adopt or start using salesforce CRM to take your business to next level without any hurdles. Salesforce gives you the best service in the industry with which you can build the no1 organization by using world’s no1 Salesforce Customer relationship management system platform.

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