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Are You A Tech Geek? Here Are The Most Tech-Savvy Wedding Ideas For You!

Are You A Tech Geek? Here Are The Most Tech-Savvy Wedding Idea For You!

Weddings and technology have become a growing discrepancy of opinions between the two generations – millennials and Gen X. But just as the former has taken over the American workplace by storm, they’re maneuvering the weddings in their unique tech-oriented minimalistic style.

So, when we’re talking millennial wedding, we’re talking technology and all the good that can come out of it. Tech gadgets are their weddings’ lifelines and there’s no way millennials are going to ditch that over to a side (unless they’ve lived in a dark basement all their lives!)

However, from planning the wedding to saving finances and choosing between a budgeted wedding and an extravagant one, millennials can be deemed as tech geeks who leave no stone unturned to grab every tech gadget they can lay their hands on.

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In this article, we’ll be walking you through some wedding tech gadgets without which every millennial wedding is incomplete these days and yes, these can ignite ‘that’ spark in you.

Buckle up because we’re going to launch now!

  1. Did Anyone Mention A Robot Bartender?!

Robots are jamming all over the place. They’re even claimed to be the best mixologists in town. Why? Because from serving the usual cocktails to some unique mixes, the robot bartenders have got the taste for every guest in your wedding. It’s nothing more than a mechanical arm, but it has the ability to create perfect mixes in just a matter of seconds.

                          Image Source: Matthew Michaels/Business Insider


Be it Makr Shakr or Monsieur, it brings Vegas to your wedding (if that’s what you’ve always wanted!)

  1. Bringing In The Drones

No one likes flies buzzing around their heads during a wedding, but no one minds the drones swarming around. These gadgets are one of the most popular inventions that have been used exclusively for weddings and there’s no ado about it.

         Image Source: SkyPixel Photographer

No matter if you’re wedding in the beachy Dominican Republic or the hilly zone in some countryside in your estate, the drones can fly higher than you can imagine and capture those perfect aerial shots that haven’t been possible in the years before. What’s more, these are used by several tech-savvy videographers to innovate the domain of wedding films.

Thanks to technology, millennials can collect the perfect memories – with a twist in the perspective.

  1. With This App, Event Planning Got Easier Than Ever

Event planning isn’t everyone’s game to play, which is why most people hire professional event planners to get the wedding task executed with perfection. But since most millennials would rely on their own taste for minimalism, they’re likely to turn towards the technology to drag them out of the planning quicksand.


Image Source: Wedding Happy

There are various apps that allow both the bride and the groom to plan their wedding the way they’ve wanted. The interesting thing is that every plan is organized and scheduled online, which allows the millennials to start their planning without any hassle or stress.

  1. Digital Guestbooks?! How Lovely!

Millennials don’t like the mess and want to unclutter everything that requires space (which actually sums up their life). If it’s something important, like a guest book, they’re going to clear the clutter by moving it to some digital library or cloud or have it the other way around.

                  Image Source: BRIT + CO


So, of all the best things millennials can have for their tech-loaded wedding, digital guestbooks are one of them. There are also many apps, like My Digital Guestbook, which allow the users to leave messages on the couple’s device. If the couples want, they can have those printed out in hardcopy.

  1. Panoramic Live Stream To Make Them Feel Present 

The live stream action from Facebook and YouTube was so well received that millennials wanted to have the same technology for their wedding. Why? Because they wanted to share their happiness with the loved ones who couldn’t attend the wedding.

Videographer and other technology companies have been taking notice of the millennials’ wishes and have come up with apps, such as Simply 360 or Live Knot, to make your distant loved ones live the wedding moment.

  1. Is The Holographic Photo Booth Here Yet? 

The carnival photo booths you grew up with had a charm of their own, but there’s something new about them now. Since photos are a wedding’s biggest memorable asset, they are entertaining for the couples and their guests alike. Coupled with other fun items, photo booths have gone holographic.

                                      Image Source: VNTANA/YouTube

Apart from enhancing the musical performance, the holographic invention has successfully been employed at weddings to make them more memorable and snazzy. A company called VNTANA offers complete holographic selfie products that are suitable for every kind of celebration and that includes the weddings too.

  1. 3-D Printed Cake, Anyone?

We’ve all loved those fondant cakes piped with the tastiest creams at a wedding, but tech aficionados don’t stop there. If there’s going to be a cake, it’s going to be one made by robots and shaped like some tech gadget. This sort of personalization has been made possible, all thanks to the 3-D printing technology.

An avid tech lover, who also has a sweet tooth, can have a cake simply baked and then decorated with their favorite designs. Just like that, they can also have their own 3-D printed candy bar too. If you’re into making a cake memory that lasts long, The Sugar Lab is the world’s first digital bakery that creates intricate patterns and designs to win the hearts of the guests at your wedding!

  1. 3-D Light Projection Is The New Deal

A good lighting is always necessary for a wedding party. Whether you’re opting for fairytale lights or backdrop ones, you must make sure that you aren’t missing out on the 3-D light show. Want to recall an experience? You can see the recent 3-D projections on a building or a street all over the world.

                          Image Source: Instagram/maark_p

Companies are moving their technology to the wedding biz and are creating innovation in every aspect of a wedding. From projections of solid color lights to projections of various designs and sceneries, the guests can’t help but compliment the tech mindset of the couple behind the idea.

  1. Capture Live Event From Your Bouquet 

Every happy couple would love a memory of their wedding day viewed from their eyes. The walk down the aisle is a definite memory for every point that she’d love to treasure. But ask any tech geek bride-to-be and she’d be going for a GoPro or a similar mini camera hidden in her bouquet.

You’ll get to see the faces of your guests, the vow-taking ceremony, and your walk back to the car in an up-close and personal way. Oh, and don’t forget to take the camera out if you’re planning to throw the bouquet to the bridesmaids.

  1. 10.Arriving And Leaving The Ceremony In A Driverless Car

Last but not the least; this one is going to make news all over the area. Driverless cars are every tech lover’s dream and what more could they ask for when their wedding ceremony starts and finishes with a high-end tech machine?

                   Image Source: AnnaMarie Akins Photography


These ones are still going through the test and trial process, but they’ll be soon hitting the market. In the near future, you can see yourself coming out of a car driving on its own and drones flying around you to get the best shot.

Summing It Up

When it comes to the wedding of a tech devotee, nothing goes out and beyond the technology that can be used to enhance the wedding experience.

From the list we just covered, incorporating various tech instruments not only reflects your interest in technology, but also highlights the convenience it has to offer. Without worrying about a thing or two, these gizmos are going to add the extra flare to your wedding.








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