Some Technology Trends That Are Still Dominating the Scene

The 2017 technology trends were really huge and impressive with AI or artificial intelligence being right on top of the list along with Human Experience Design, and on-demand workforce platforms. We are expecting that in 2018, technology would be shifting its major focus on AI, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things. Here are some of the technology trends that have not only shaped 2017 but are still very much ruling the scene in 2018.

Technology is spreading itself at a breakneck pace. It is flourishing in the different field. The technology used for cellular communication is known as Mobile technology.  Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology evolved rapidly over the past few years. It has spread itself in smart-phones, tablets, and Phablets. In today’s age of forwarding and fast communication, smartphones have come in front of us as a necessity, not as the luxury. It is now important to get the latest information from the emails, news or even finding directions through Internet anytime. Internet access is not facing any place limitations as long as the phone is getting a good signal from their cellular network.  The use of Wi-Fi spots for connecting to the Internet with the shared connection is not a big deal today.

Mobile internet technology

The technology of Internet for mobile is simple. Mobile Internet is known for the smaller scale data transmission so that it will be suited for the smartphone phones. As the name represents, a cellular network is just a group of the geographic sites which together are known as the cell. It is connected to the satellites. Each cell transmits tower at its center. It is the way of sending information through radio waves in digital.

Connection with the Internet

The popular ways which are used in connecting the Internet through the smartphones are: Via a mobile telephone service provider and second by using standard Wi-Fi. The devices that enable Wi-Fi services permit to browse the web at free Wi-Fi hotspots. You can access the web application web application available in your Wi-Fi enabled phone.

The technology on which mobile phones works are CDMA and GSM, they both use algorithms that are different, that allows different mobile phone users to use the same frequency of digital radio frequency.

Intelligent Apps

There are several social media platforms today, and one can already foresee a boost in intelligent apps that would be simplifying the process of repurposing content via a number of platforms. In the past year, one has witnessed how numerous apps have perfected the picture editing process with cutting-edge features and various filters. It is forecasted that in 2018, the process of video editing would become much convenient and easier through your phone. This would effectively simplify the entire process of developing the advanced video.

Artificial Intelligence 

Even today the focus of all tech development, conferences, and discussions is on AI or artificial intelligence. It is forecasted that in 2018, there is bound to be a striking AI breakthrough that would be completely revolutionizing the way businesses are evolving and interacting with consumers.

The Internet of Things

You would be finding Internet of Things in almost all the industries today, everything seems to become smart. Today, irrespective of where you are, at home, in the shopping mall, or your office, you are most definitely interacting efficiently with smart technology. In the current year, this technology trend would be gradually becoming really more prevalent as the IOT is moving from the popular segments such as your home to some other areas.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning is ruling the roost and getting into practically all technologies. Even Apple came up with iOS apps for machine learning. All platforms are embracing machine learning for making software and life more advanced and intelligent. It would be getting rid of mindless time- consuming and repetitive tasks. Machine learning is now a way of life. It has the superb ability to make doctors better doctors, drivers much better drivers and even students much well-equipped and better educated. This would be dominating the scene in 2018 too.

Voice-Driven Applications

Voice command and voice search have been in vogue for several years now but last year it reached a level of sophistication it had never achieved before and it is today effectively driving user adoption. 2018 would be witnessing more frequent use and implementation of the prominent voice-driven technologies as Google is gearing up to improve its technology.


There have been many significant developments in the arena of technology. Several trends such as influencer marketing, word-of-the-mouth marketing, and even account-based marketing are going strong. The entire business of customer activity is changing drastically toward automation, right from social bots to support chat bots.

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