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6 Best Golf Gadgets to Improve Your Game

6 Best Golf Gadgets to Improve Your Game

Playing golf is a lifestyle choice for much and as such I’m sure most of you playing it are searching for ways you can improve as a player. The tech industry caught up to your wants, so here are some gadgets that can make you trim down a couple of points from your game.

Detailed mapping

Garmin, famous for their GPS systems has implemented their tracking technology into the golfing world. Previously only cyclists and runners enjoyed such a commodity. Their X40 combines their motion tracking with over 40,000 golfing ranges around the world. Switch between satellite and “green view” to ensure your eyes are in the game and your shots are planned perfectly.

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This slick wristwatch has a battery life of 5 hours, so make sure it’s fully juiced before you head out to the field. Along with such metrics, it can also help with your composure, the integrated heart-rate monitor measures your pulse allowing for you to calm down before taking that crucial shot to win the game.

New Spectating Experience

Golf has been a mediocre spectator sport for the general public. Watching the best players play is key to improving your own playing style. IBM has launched a new app that will change the way we are spectating golf.

They partnered with the Augusta National Golf Club which is hosting the Masters, one of the most prestigious golf series. The technology will allow 4K streaming via the app, tracking the action based on players, groupings, and holes, allowing spectating for every shot. With such comfort and control over a broadcast, surely more people will become attracted to the game.

Carving the perfect swing

Hitting that perfect swing is one of the trickiest things in the game. Decision making and planning takes experience, but swinging takes practice. People spend years perfecting this aspect of their game which should nod at you the importance of this fundamental part of golf. Approaching reasonable consistency builds stress, but there is a cure!

Products like the Swing Eagle golf training gadget offer a quick and accessible way to practice your golf swing within the comfort of your home or garage. No longer will you have to attend private classes and spend hundreds of dollars for results. Gripping the club below your hand and then following the pattern upon your which your club is moving will allow you to reach a level of sound technique and skillful execution.

Electric caddies

Let’s face it, you’re not Tiger Woods. You don’t have a person who will actually carry your gear. PowaKaddy has made a range of different electric caddies that make your gear-carrying less of a bother.

Some models even feature speed display and distance measurement options. Of course, some of these aspects are banned from competitive play, but luckily most models have a mode for such games, disabling the features. Downhill breaking, wide wheels, and firm grip handle are just a quality of life that such a product offers.

Of course, the caddies come with a USB port, just in case some of your gadgets run out of juice.

Range measurement

Bushnell made their Pro X2 Rangefinder famous as the world’s leading laser rangefinder. The delicate technology inside gives it the ability to compensate for the differences between elevations. As with the caddies, it comes with a tournament mode button.

The device itself is beautifully crafted with a rubber-metal housing, two displays, waterproof casing and a stable grip hold. It can easily be mounted on various parts of your golfing equipment, so a high degree of comfort is included.

Motion capture

Having your own motion capture system for golfing purposes sounds like a long wait, but the product is right here right now! Zepp 2 offers an affordable gadget for around 150$. The technology uses a sensor that you attach to your glove in order to monitor your club plane, tempo and swing speed with on-sight analysis and results showing the measure of success you’ve had.

The system transfers all the date to your mobile device along with a database of swing metrics from pro players so you can emulate your favorite player and his style.


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