8+ Apple’s ARKit Applications that Will Amaze You About the Power of AR

With the launch of next-generation iOS platform, Apple has turned millions of iPhones into Augmented Reality-capable devices. The all-new developer framework called ARKit is also being supported that allows iOS developers to make AR experiences for users on compatible iPhones and iPads with the help of each device’s built-in cameras, processors, and motion sensors.

As of now, you can find the first wave of AR applications that are obtainable for you to download and test on your iPhone that is upgraded to iOS 11 platform. The first wave of apps ranges from everyday tools to game updates and even some of the exclusive apps.

However, you make sure that to use ARKit-enabled applications on iOS 11, it is just that you have an iOS device with an A9, A10, and A11 processor. It means ARKit applications can be used on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the all-new iPhone X.

Let’s Have a Look at the Top ARKit Applications That Will Show You the Power of AR

Splitter Critters

Split the world with just a swipe of your finger and then rearrange it to guide critters back to their spaceship. In the game, you can discover colorful planets full of danger, challenging puzzles, and innovative mechanics that will allow you to think in new ways.

This is the immersive soundscapes of each world, best experienced with headphones and set the tone for your journey. You must be thinking that how AR is used in this game, you can scan a flat surface and then place a fully playable version of the main game into the real world, housed within a small white box.

Thomas & Friends’ Minis

Thomas & Friends’ Minis is the best game that allows users to build, decorate, paint and develop full train sets and then control all the characters from Thomas & Friends as you drive through your customized train set.

Also, obtainable in AR mode, you can bring all your innovations in the real work as the application places your train set on a flat surface, allowing you to zoom in and around while still being able to interact with numerous tools and control characters.

Fitness AR

Fitness AR is another cool application for fitness freaks and health enthusiastic as this application makes use of the Mapbox Unity SDK and iOS 11 to develop a unique solution for hikers, runners, and bikers using Strava.

The application enables you to visualize bike rides, runs and hikes in AR on a 3D terrain map. It gives a gallery of rides and runs you can explore that virtually or in real life, including runs through the marvelous Yosemite Valley. Through this application, you can connect your Strava account, so all your routes are available in it.


Another most useful AR-based application is Housecraft that allows you to place furniture

inside your home to check that whether the purchased furniture like sofas, chairs, tables, etc. are comfortably fitting in the room or not.

Initially, the application asks you to scan the floor of your room so that it can estimate dimensions and then place purchased objects and see if they fit or not. You can also try out Magicplan that is free with in-app purchases. It will help you to make a floor plan for your home through AR.


Purchasing used cars for sale and new cars for sale become a lot easier with Edmunds. It is a consumer and auto-industry trusted car research and car purchasing advisor. This application has extensive vehicle database that you can explore.

The AR effect of the application allows you to visualize your potential future vehicle purchase by just placing the car in your garage or driveway that Edmunds said is also a way to confirm that the care will fit where you intend to park it.


BrixAR is the kids’ game, but it beads some of the biggest ideas for the future of AR. It is a brick-based game, allowing you to make objects that you can put in places using VR.

This game is totally fun and you will like it because it is a good example of how ARKit will soon be used to put together low-cost fast product prototypes, 3D objects for print and creative works in virtual space.


PLNAR is a complete AR experience giving an application that allow users to make a home’s floor plan using Augmented Reality that the app’s creators said will be useful for daily homeowners and flooring companies, and interior designers.

What users need to do is use their iPhone’s camera to make instant measurements of a room’s area and perimeter by guiding a cursor along with edges and corners of the floor. You can also mark doorways and use the app’s tools in order to measure other objects like countertops and tables, then you can save all the data into custom projects.


Cubit is a measuring toolbox that allows you to access enormous features like rulers and box tools with more coming down the line in future updates. It is an augmented reality-based measuring tool that can measure the distance between real-life objects with the help of ruler tool and visualize the size of digital objects with the box tool. Making use of Apple’s new ARKit technology, this tool is mainly for object tracking and recognition.

Night Sky 5

Night Sky 5 is an excellent application that gives you clear information about skies. If you are feeling that your nights are not clear as it has to be, you can just point your iOS device at the sky, and you will get a lot of information about what’s going there.

The Night Sky 5 application will overlay groups on the sky, helping you to learn and know them. It will also give you information about stars, galaxies and more. It is working indoors as well like you can explore solar system to your heart’s content.

What’s Coming in Future?

In the near future, Apple’s new ARKit will revolutionize the different industries like education, health, real estate, gaming, etc. It is expected that this scene understanding technology, AR will continue to occupy a big segment of the iOS App Store.

There are many such ARKit applications that are going to be launch in the App Store soon, making users’ life a lot easier than before. Even, you can find various augmented reality app development company that helps you to make an AR-based application from scratch or you can discuss your AR app idea with any professional AR app development company that has already started making such ARKit demos.

Jyoti Bharwani is a Content Manager at Space-O Technologies. She has a keen interest in writing about mobile apps development and marketing. Even, she has also started writing about Augmented Reality and Blockchain Technology. In free time, she prefers reading non-fiction books.


Jyoti Bharwani is a Content Manager at Space-O Technologies. She has a keen interest in writing about mobile apps development and marketing. Even, she has also started writing about Augmented Reality and Blockchain Technology. In free time, she prefers reading non-fiction books.