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Writing an Article vs. Writing a Blog Post

Writing an Article vs. Writing a Blog Post

This is a question that undoubtedly troubles many online writers and freelancers. When tasked with writing an article or a blog many don’t know the difference between the two. Then again, there are writers who say that is there is no real difference between the two as they are both cuts from the same cloth. But this type of thinking is a sign of ignorance to the different form of writing that is possible with online content.

YES! Articles and blogs do have stark differences, and the most evident is in the style that they use. But that is not only the difference that you can find when you compare article or a blog side by side. Let’s have a more in-depth look at what makes them both different!

Who Came First: Article Or Blog?

If you think that blog and article have been in the science for roughly the same time, you have made your first mistake. If we look at the word “Blog,” its actually a shortened version of the word “Weblog.” So it is a relatively new form of writing that took birth after the inception of the internet.But if you are going to trace back the roots of article writing, It is going to go back to the time where first humans started writing informative pieces for the masses.

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Research Involved

When you are writing a blog, remember that it is you who is writing the piece. It means you can project your own ideas, impressions or views on the subject that you are writing about. Hence facts and information take the back seat when it comes to writing blogs. Though there are tons of informative blogs on the internet, it is all based on your taste.

Articles are a different beast as your opinion has less or practically no value at all! An Article is all about facts and information. The reader must have something informative to take away after reading an article.

What’s Your Point Of View?!

Like we discussed earlier, blogs are made based on your views on a subject. So it means that you can include the first-person view on the subjects that you are talking about. It’s also a platform where you are directly addressing the reader with no barriers.The first person view also helps in conveying the ideas or the points better to the audience; it is also a way to keep the content engaging.

When we take the case of articles, there is no real need to converse with the reader. Hence, the first-person tone is literally nonexistent articles. They are all about educating the readers on the basis of clear facts rather than opinions. There is no real need to persuade the readers what you are writing is something that is true and not based on speculation.

The length matters!

Blogs tend to be shorter or lesser in words count when compared to articles. The whole purpose of blogs is to share ideas or opinions. If it drags along way more than what is needed, it turns out to be boring or feels stretched. Hence the blogs mostly dwell in the 300-1000 words range.

Articles are not bound by word count; rather they are governed by the information that one wants to communicate.So if an article is talking about a subject or a topic, it can have as much as information and facts added to it to make it valid and authoritative. Hence, there is a strict NO-FILLER rule for articles. The more informative content, the better an article will be!

Writing Style Matter A Lot!

Blogs are a laid-back form of writing that that engages users with witty content or interesting ideas. Since they are made to be posted on websites, they are optimized for SEO purposes. This is why you might have heard the word “keywords” being associated with “blogs.” The blog content has been in line with SEO if you want to drive traffic to your website in faster and more efficient way.

One cannot use a laid-back tone with the article as the professional tone is preferred for article content. Articles don’t have to comply with SEO rules because they aren’t made to be used as a way to drive traffic. Articles are about information and optimizing the content might take out the structure it should have. The grammar must give high priority as articles are heavily scrutinized for errors, both structural and grammatical.

The Current Scenario

Today are seeing content that is a mix of both! Somewhere along the lines, the rules started to converge. Today it is not uncommon to see blog posts that are 2000 words long and have perfect grammatical structure.

Then again, most of the students nowadays are confused between article blogs and essays. if you think how should I write my essay, refer to essay writing services as these there are basically very distinct from each other!

So there it is! The definitive guide made to help you with differentiating an article from a blog!


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