WoW Tips on How to Stay Fresh and Motivated All the Time


The sun is shining and people are chilling outside or heading to the beach for a fun day with friends and family. It is really difficult to stay motivated on doing things that will benefit you after summer is over. I get it, but this could also be a time when you work on those goals you have been talking about. For some reason, we think of summer months as a time to relax and let our hair down.

On the flip side, summer can also include a lot more work because the days seem longer and the heat can make every task feel like it’s endless. Unfortunately for many of us, there is no time for vacation, when there are important tasks waiting. Here are some tips to stay motivated during the summer months.

Working hours

With the longer days, you might find it beneficial to start working a little later. This way, you get some extra sleep in the morning and are able to continue until later. If you are a morning person, you can always start work earlier in the day and finish around lunchtime. You can use the extra time to do things you really want to, like watching some top criminology movies or just go for a walk in the park. This strategy works great for many people because we have to adjust and compromise when our surroundings are changing.

Take a different class

Many students are on holiday during the summer months and most professionals take a little break from grinding. What if you used your time to learn something that is so different, that it changes the way you think, for the better. It can be something physical, like a new exercise class, or simply an academic program. Imagine, you are searching the net for Criminology personal statements and your profession is in the medical field. That would be pretty interesting. Just learn something new and exciting, instead of lazing around.

Work outside

If you do not see yourself being stuck indoors when the weather is beautiful outside, take your laptop or files and go work outside. You can go as far as taking a blanket to the park and enjoy the sun while getting some tasks ticked off your list. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot be productive outdoors. In fact, you might find yourself being more productive because having some life and buzz around you can get you very motivated.

Schedule breaks

Let’s say you are stuck in an office the whole day and cannot take your work outside. What you can do to make this less draining, is to take breaks and take it outside. Get some fresh air and absorb some of the ways to help you feel like you are not stuck inside an office the whole day. You will go back feeling rejuvenated and all that vitamin c will lift your mood instantly.

Have clear goals

When there are a lot of distractions around you and everyone is having a good time, it can be challenging to stay motivated. Make sure you have a clear list of the goals you are trying to achieve and also the reasons why. By looking at your list of goals, you are more likely to stay on track. Just think about how happy you will be after summer when you have achieved some of these goals on your list. When you have clear goals, it becomes important to you and you will find the motivation to achieve those.

Enjoy summer

Do not let your mind tell you that you cannot enjoy this season, or that it is such a terrible time of distraction. Remove all those negative thoughts from your mind and you might lift a burden or two off your shoulders. When you do have free time, it is important to enjoy summer. You cannot always be working 24/7 and you do not want to wake up at the end of summer with regrets. It is all about finding a balance between work and fun. If you can achieve that, you will have a great summer experience.


You cannot allow one season to take you a few steps back. Push through the temptations and distractions and make this a time of achievements. We work hard for what we have and the successful people continue to work hard, even when it seems like a better idea to just relax and unwind. There are a time and place for everything during the summer months. Trust me, you will not be the only one working through summer and you are going to be so proud of yourself when it is done. I hope you have a great summer filled with fun, accomplishments, and lots of the sunshine (no pun intended).

Eva Read is a professional writer and a content manager. She find inspiration in music, yoga and books. Her life motto is “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

Eva Read

Eva Read is a professional writer and a content manager. She find inspiration in music, yoga and books. Her life motto is "Opportunities don't happen. You create them."