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What To Do When Your Word Press Site Got Hacked?

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No matter how hard you try in protecting your WordPress site, still sometimes, you might face the unwanted challenge of site hack. It is an undeniable fact that WordPress site hack is no doubt stressful. It will not just have a great impact on your business, but even on your readers. Starting from malicious codes to spam, malware and other forms of viruses, almost anything can hack your well-designed WordPress website. So, you better be aware of the next steps to follow, when your site has been hacked.

Learning the security vulnerabilities

Before proceeding further, make sure to check out security vulnerabilities, as related to WordPress. For average users, there are two types of security vulnerabilities available. One is associated with your local machine or network, and another one revolves around shared hosting provider.

Hosting provider: You must not waste any time and check with your hosting provider. These hacks might have affected other sites, as yours. It means your site is not the one, which has been targeted by the hackers. Sometimes, you must know, whether the host is responsible for this mishap or any shoddy plugin.

Local machine or network: Whenever it is relating to the local machine, make sure to keep the latest information and your system clean. To be on the safer side, do not forget to run anti-virus and malware scan, on a regular basis. Make sure to keep software up-to-date. That way, you can easily locate and even delete some of your infected files.

Go through the weak points

There are four weak points, which can create a glitch in WordPress security. Those four sectors are plugin or theme bugs, weaker passwords or usernames, hackers of WordPress sites and not updated the site in a timely manner. Remember that some wannabes are out there, trying to ruin your online business in every manner possible. So, it is mandatory to keep these weak points in check and avoid them, whenever you are creating your WordPress site.

Let a professional handle it for you

Security always seems to be a serious matter, so you cannot fool around with it. If you are not quite technically challenged, and cannot afford to handle servers and codes, let an expert do it for you. Sometimes, hackers would like to hide their scripts in various locations. It helps them to come back over again and destroy your site a little more. Even though you can try some DIY tricks, still it’s always better to call up an expert for immediate help. They might help in cleaning your website properly and won’t even charge you much for their services.

Get to identify the hack

To remove hacks from WordPress sites, you have to identify it first. Remember that you might be under a lot of stress. Make sure to stay calm and learn everything noteworthy about the hack. Make a list of points first. See if you can log in to the WordPress admin panel. There are high chances of security glitch if the WordPress site is currently redirecting to another site. If you even find Google marking your website to be insecure or having any illegitimate links, then that means trouble. Make sure to jot these points first, as that might help in tracking the hack and remove it from the roots.

Try restoring your backup

While creating a WordPress site, you must think about backups. So, whenever your site is hacked, you should start restoring the backup from its initial stages. But, in case you have a blog with the daily count, then you might face the challenge of losing these posts and some new comments, as well. Sometimes, people would like to remove hack manually, to avoid losing any major content or posts. That is rather time-consuming, and might not always provide you with your desired results.

Scanning and removing malware

The first thing to do is to delete some inactive forms of plugins and themes. These are the golden places, where hackers would like to hide backdoor. So, removing these files means lowering hacker’s chances to enter your main site. After removing unwanted or inactive themes, try scanning the website for any hacks. There are some free plugins available for your website. Try using that for detailed scanning purpose. After running the scanner, the machine will detect the integrity of your core files and show the hiding place of hacks.

Go for user permissions

Sometimes, you should check out your WordPress user section, to see if you and your trusted members have administrative access to the website. In case, you ever come across any slight suspension, make sure to get them deleted instantly. Well, following these points will help you to get rid of hacking sites for good. Furthermore, keep these points in mind as prevention notes. So that, you can clear the hacking files even before these can cause some serious damages to your website.

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