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In this vast world, everyone has dissimilar needs and requirements and so as customers. They like to have experiences which are specially personalized just for them. In fact, 80% of consumers admit that customization plays a vital role in making decisions and others claim that it is noteworthy to have personalization.

Well, if customers can have their personal choice, why can’t businesses! Beyond just personalized email ids and details, all B2C and B2B businesses have desires and want tools and services to be personalized just for them. Nowadays, they don’t settle for something that their competitors are using, they demand something that fits just for their own processes. That’s where Salesforce comes into the picture.

Salesforce Customization

Salesforce provides a platform that is specifically designed for customization and configuration. If you are one of those who is not satisfied with just a few configurations and needs something more, then opt for customizing and meet your needs and requirements. Here are various benefits of using salesforce customization:

  • Everything is Automated

Some people like to do things on their own or manually while others feel comfortable in keeping things in auto-mode. Everything becomes automated and you start getting alerts for most of the things. Easily you can turn your spreadsheets into records of each individual client. You can even run reports to keep a check on who are your Top customers and which client is your asset.

If you are one of those who faces difficulty in remembering dates, it is a boon for you as on auto-mode, you can get alerted to expiring contracts and big deals coming through. The whole thing can be created by going through a simple setup wizard that lets you receive email notifications about new opportunities, open deals, and leads.

  • Customizable & Generation-Friendly

Customization is the second name for Salesforce as it is highly customizable and easy to use and operate. You do not have to wait for learning as it comes with preloaded objects and fields using familiar business terms. Users who are specific and do not come from a computer background, they can just navigate around Salesforce just by swiping and clicking. If we talk about programmers, they will find their APEX code which is easy to understand. For doing all this you need not be of 55, even if you are of 15, you can easily use it.

  • Not Expensive & Light in Weight

Are you fed up with that heavy CRM software with super-high prices? Well, there is always a way for a problem. Salesforce is ideal for such people. Compared to colossal CRM software who eat up your hours of precious time in installation, Salesforce is extremely light weight and doesn’t need to be installed as everything is up on Cloud. Also, you need not think about prices as it comes with a per/license per year model that makes you adjust payment at the end of each year.

  • Versatility is Always Satisfactory

Whenever you buy CRM providers, you never get a whole package of services which you usually expect. To manage your CRM issues, you buy their software, another software for your support team, another one to maintain your website and something different for office communication. You never get everything. Well, in Salesforce you get all that under one roof. It provides with to manage and even create your websites, the database to store your records, support functions like email, phone, and chat.

Whatever be your need, whatever be your requirement and expectations, Salesforce customization has the capability to provide you with all customizations, configurations, building solutions in a quick and effective way with minimal hassle.



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