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Top 8 Elements of a Good website Design

Principle of good website design

The Success of any online business solely depends upon the front-end part of the website. It depends on a great website design, user-friendliness, usability, navigation systems and many more. In short, the website is the online face of your business. Most potential customers will visit your website first when they visit your offline store.

Websites that are not well-designed are gradually tending to perform poorly by factors such as high page load time, increase bounce rate and low time spent on the website, etc. Website Design plays a significant role in online business. It helps in conversions of your online business. In the current scenario, website design doesn’t only mean who its looks like and feel like, but it is more about how it performs and how user views and experiences for it. Sometimes a simple website with well-structured, exceptional usability performs great on Google. User experience and user views of such website are more as compared to the poorly designed website. Performance of a website depends on the effectiveness of the website.

Despite the fact that creating a website is becoming easy, and it also improves your business, you must first understand how to make or design a good website. Many entrepreneurs make mistakes with their website and eventually won’t get appropriate ROI from it.
Let’s take a look at some effective website design principles that will absolutely help your business website to grow.


Simplicity should be the primary goal of any website designer while creating a website. The over-designed website may not work well as compared to simple design. Putting too many attractive things in website design may distract website user from the goal of your website. Design your website for users, not for the boost rankings. Too many designing elements in website page may increase page load time, and thereby increase bounce rate. So it’s better to make your website simple and clear so the layman can also use it easily.


According to the survey, the youngster may take more internet as compared to more than 60-70 age group people. Patience level of internet user is so less. Thus the speed becomes one of the most important factors for website design. Rather than patience level, competition in the online market is bigger as compared to the offline market. So if your website is taking few more seconds to load, your user will hit the back button and go to another search result of search engine.


Consistency means making everything similar so that won’t get confused the user. For instance: Font type of all the webpage on your website should be the same, heading colours should be the same, subheading, buttons and so on. So that it won’t look uneven to users.

Typography & Readability

Text & its readability is the most important element of a website design. Until and unless you won’t have proper typography, Google and your user will not get information from your website. It is important to consider font choice as different types of fonts say different things about designs such as some look modern, some to classy, some look retro and so on. Website designer must ensure to choose the right font for the right website. Not just only font choice, font size, spacing, colour, paragraphing, line length matters a lot while designing website.

Effective Writing

We have to consider about huge audience while writing something on our website. So it is necessary to adjust writing style to user’s preferences and browsing habits. For instance: If you are targeting France and your web content is in English than your website bounce rate will increase as people from France visit your website but won’t able to understand. So you need to consider for a language translator on your website.


According to the latest study, visitor stays more on the websites that are having easy navigation. Designing website navigation is the most essential element. As it helps users to move throughout your website. It improves the user experience for your website in increasing ROI of the website. For effective navigation, you may consider making a logical page hierarchy, designing clickable buttons and using bread scrums. You should follow the “three-click-rule” so that users can get the desired information within three clicks.

Call to Action

Call to action is kind of magical words that motivating your readers or visitors to take prompt action. Converting visitors into the customer is an essential thing in this modernized world. For that call to action is one of the major parts of it. It’s not hard to find the proper CTA for your website just you’ve to continuously test what acts the best for the website.


The current world is the mobile world. In the 21st century, everyone loves mobile. In 2018, around 52% website traffic generated through mobile devices. So, it is mandatory that your website should be mobile friendly. If users can’t find your website mobile-friendly then they will leave your website uninspired. Mobile-Friendly is the key factor for every website. It does not just look good but become necessary in the website design world.

In online market uniqueness with simplicity matters a lot. As a website owner who observes the principle discussed above usually achieve their goals in a short time.

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