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Top 6 Mistakes Computer Users Make

Top 6 Mistakes Computer Users Make

Computers have become an integral part of the world today, used for a plethora of different things. Most people today have a computer in their home. However, there are those people that are yet to take that plunge and purchase a computer system. For those individuals that do purchase their first computer, they can fall into the trap of making several common mistakes. So I’ve listed several of the most common mistakes beginners are likely to make.

If you’ve recently purchased a computer or are in the works of acquiring one, then this article is for you. 

  1. Installing Anything

New computer users tend to be prone to installing just about any application, from computer games to word processing applications, so many of these installations come with additional add-ons, which direct you to software that you do not need. Usually, they’ll prompt you right after or during the installation of the software.

Most people click on the Next button, during the installation phase, without reading anything. Usually, these software developers will combine the acceptance of their terms and conditions with the acceptance of an additional application or tool. So, given the circumstances, you may want to take the time to read through the process, as this could save you on a considerable amount of hard drive space and potential malware in the future. 

  1. Not Saving Work

While you are working on a document, whether online or offline, it’s very important that your work is being periodically saved. If the program you’re using does not offer automatic saves, then you will need to save everything you do, at least every 15 minutes. Why? Because if your computer suddenly loses power or connection to the internet, then you lose everything that you haven’t saved. 

  1. Opening Attachments in Emails

One of the most common ways of infecting an unsuspecting computer system is by putting malicious files in an email attachment. Thus, it’s very important that you take the necessary precautions when opening email attachments, especially unsolicited ones, and ones from friends, co-workers and family members. One method a lot of computer hackers like to use is to send emails via your friends and families email accounts.

  1. Buying Incompatible Components

If you’re new to computers and you have some money to burn, you may want to go out and purchase something new for your computer. If you play computer games, then you may need a high-end graphics card, if you want surround sound, then you’ll need a better sound card, if you want better system performance, then a CPU or RAM upgrade may be in order.

So you may find yourself upgrading and replacing a lot of different components within your system. Just make sure you take the time when selecting components, to check compatibility lists, to ensure the hardware you buy works with your computer.

  1. Improper System Shutdowns

With time, we’ve noticed more people investing in and using Smartphones and Tablets, as a result, many of these people tend to be unfamiliar with the correct shutdown procedure for your standard computer system. When you are finished with your computer, you want to shut it down, after you have saved all your work, and closed all of your opened applications. 

  1. Excessive Cleaning

Cleaning your system is a good thing, but done in excess, it can become a bad thing. Cleaning the keys on the keyboard too much, can cause the keys to getting stuck, or can loosen them, resulting in them popping out. Excessive cleaning of the motherboard and other computer components can potentially pose a serious danger to the system, due to the risks of short circuits. Cleaning the monitor with too much lubricant can damage the surface of the screen.

So when cleaning your computer, it’s important that you take the necessary precautions to clean it in the most responsible manner. Cleaning your computer every day is not necessary. Cleaning it at least once per month is acceptable, although you may want to wait a little longer. If you have a laptop, then you won’t have to clean it as often. If you are unfamiliar with the various components that make up your computer, you should consult an expert before you start cleaning anything.

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