Top 20 Techniques To Get Huge Traffic To Your Blog Overnight

Top 20 Techniques To Get Huge Traffic To Your Blog Overnight

It’s every blogger dream to get huge traffic for his blog to make his blog famous in the internet world. There might be so many nights and days you lost about thinking to get huge traffic to your blog. But it’s not a simple tweak that you have proper backlinks and quality unique visitors every day.

As you know web-traffic is the foremost thing you want as a blogger. You might have plans to earn some decent income from your blog. or you want a job as a freelance writer or a content writer in a top company. For all these, you should have enough traffic to become famous or to earn some bucks. You should not expect money unless your blog produces decent traffic every day.

As the technology increases, it has become easier to build a blog in an hour. There are hundreds of free tools and software to build your site overnight. But it is a hard fact to digest that to make huge traffic to your blog. if you want your site to become successful then you should have huge traffic in your niche.

As a blogger, I’m here to explain you the most significant traffic sources that worked for me. Let’s go…

These are the top techniques to drive huge traffic to your blog:

  • Write excess content, but write quality content.
  • Facebook is the top most social network site give you huge traffic for free. Promote your site in every group you are in. set up a facebook page. Comment on the facebook pages posts that your blog niche belongs to.
  • You must comment about the queries related to your niche in an almost every blog. comment on the sites which has enabled COMMENTLUV.
  • If you have quality articles, then you can submit your best articles to top article directories like EZINE ARTICLES and ACME ARTICLES.
  • Blogger is simple to sign-up and post some articles. So submit your posts to Blogger and similar one like BlogLog.
  • If you are a good writer in your niche, try to interact with other bloggers. Offer them guest posting on your blog or write a guest post in their blog.
  • You can drive targeted traffic by writing articles on the sites like HUBPAGES and SQUIDOO.
  • Add a backlink to every comment you made on other blogs. This is the easy technique to get traffic from other blogs.
  • There are so, many online forums that are related to your niche you selected. Try to find out those forums. Forum posting gives you huge potential traffic to your blog. always be active in those forums. Solve the queries of others. Give a backlink to your site.
  • You should set up a huge mailing list. Send your posts frequently. For this try MailChimp. It’s free and reliable. Thousands of bloggers benefitted.

Easy Methods Getting Huge Traffic To Your Blog:

  • Are you a good video maker/editor? Even if you are not, hire somebody for this job. Try to make out videos on the posts you create. Because watching something is more reliable and effective than reading something.
  • Set up a twitter account. Every time you create a new post, you must share it on the twitter.
  • Within a month of the creation of your blog, try to submit your blog to the top search engine directories on the internet like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and
  • Are you aware of blogging communities? If not try the best blogging communities such as BLOG ENGAGE and BLOKUBE.
  • Whatever you post, made them ready for SEO.
  • Concentrate on titles, meta description, and Images you use.
  • Place widgets like the Facebook page like, Twitter Follow etc.
  • Reply to every question that is asked on your blog. If anybody appreciates you, say them simple thanks and ask them to follow your blog daily for new updates.
  • Give your readers genuine information. If you don’t know, then don’t try to make a post on that. Because readers always want facts and truth from your blog. Never mislead them.
  • Make your posts into eBooks and ask them to download for free. Because a PDF works offline. So that they can read and follow as many time as they can.
  • Try to make out a weekly or a monthly update of all your posts. Try to make that update as a PDF. Users can know what happened the past month on your blog.
  • If you organize well, try to put some contests. Promote your contests on all social networks this will drive huge traffic than any other methods. Give some bucks to your users who won the contest. This will engage more readers and more subscriptions overnight.
  • Try to Contact and make an interaction with other famous bloggers in your niche.
  • After all, your blog design matters a lot. Even if you have good content, people always check for a good layout design to read those posts. Try to make your site Mobile friendly and Tablet mode friendly.

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