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This article talks about the procedure to recover public folder items Exchange 2010 through Outlook and ExFolder tool. A section also suggests an alternate solution if both of these methods fail to recover deleted items from the public folder.

The versions of Exchange Server had the long procedure for recovery of data from mailboxes, for Server recovery for restoring a backup and for many other related activities. As updations were made in the new versions, more innovative and helpful options were added in this application that includes database replication, RSG (recovery storage group). Now, restoring the database from mailboxes has become a short process. However, it’s not only the mailboxes database that holds importance for an Exchange Server 2010 user. The process of recovering public folders database is also a matter of concern and the biggest trouble for users is restoration procedure for mailbox data and public folder data are completely different.

To recover public folder items Exchange 2010, one of the following processes can be followed:

 I)    Deleted Public Folder Recovery Through Outlook

If public folders are deleted, there is the possibility to recover them if they are under retention period. If a retention period has been set for deleted items and it has not expired, then deleted public folder items can be recovered.

  1. Log on to the domain through the account that has complete rights over the public folder to be recovered.
  2. Start up Outlook >>access the public folders and then select the parent node that has the public folder data saved.
  3. In the tools menu, select the option ‘Recover Deleted Items’ and a dialog box will appear on the screen.
  4. Make a selection of folders that are to be recovered. The folders that are being recovered has the word        ‘Recovered’ added to its name. The public folder recovery can be finished by doing the following things:

Rename the Folder. To do this, right-click on the folder and then choose Rename and then give a new name to the folder.

Restore Email Address of Folders. To do this, right-click on the folder and choose properties. In the dialog box that appears, select the Email Address Tab. Edit the email addresses in order to ensure that original value is restored.

II)    Use ExFolders To Recover Deleted Public Folder Data

  1. Install ExFolders and then from the file menu, chose ‘Connect’. Select ‘Public Folders’ for the type of database to be recovered.
  2. Chose the Global Catalog and the Public Folder whose database is to be recovered
  3. When you hit OK, a screen will appear where you have to locate the public folder from which data has to been deleted.
  4. In the ‘Items’ tab, go to the bottom and select the radio button for ‘Deleted Contents’
  5. If there are any deleted items in the folder, they will be highlighted on the screen. Right click on it and chose ‘Recover Items’
  6. This will help to recover public folder items Exchange 2010 and the restored data will be available in MS Outlook.

If these methods of recovery do not work for you, then the alternative is to get a third party solution. Applications like Exchange Recovery software are there in the market that helps to retrieve data from public and private Exchange database.


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