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SysTools Split PST Tool to Precisely Divide Outlook Data File in Smaller Parts

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Microsoft Outlook has always been the topmost choices of the users when it comes to the email client. To store all mailbox data like emails, contacts, calendars, etc., it uses PST file format. It is also known as Personal Storage Table of Outlook. Like any other file format, PST file also has some predefined size limit. Read complete to know about Split PST Software.

In Outlook 2003 and earlier versions, PST file has 2 GB storage limit. On the other hand, in Outlook 2007 and above version it is 20 to 50 GB. However, if the size of PST file exceeds or grows unnecessarily large, then it might start creating some issues in Outlook. For example, slows down the performance of Outlook, corrupt Outlook data file (.pst) and make it inaccessible.

Thus, to overcome all such type of issues, a user needs to manage the size of Outlook PST file always. A user can divide or break the large PST file into multiple parts and overcome all file size related problems. Now, to split PST files into multiple parts in a seamless manner, simply use PST Splitter tool. It is one of the best utility to break PST file into multiple parts. This product review is made only to let users know about this PST Splitter Software.

An Overview of SysTools Split PST Software

The SysTools PST Splitter application is designed specially by keeping all requirement of the user’s in mind. It provides four different options to split PST file into multiple parts i.e. by date, by folder, by size, and by year. In addition, the tool is also capable to work with both active and archive PST file. A user can split any size PST file without any hassle as it supports both ANSI and UNICODE type PST file. One needs have Microsoft Outlook installed on the local machine while splitting PST file in size. Moreover, the application is supported by all versions of Microsoft Windows and Outlook.

Split PST file

Key Features of SysTool Split PST Software

Divide Large Size PST File

Split PST file software allows users to divide PST file of large size into smaller parts. Using this application, a user is also allowed to break both UNICODE and ANSI PST files without compromising any data. Moreover, it keeps all of the Metadata intact as original even after splitting.

Multiple Options to Split PST

The Split PST software allows users to break PST into smaller parts in four different ways listed below:

  • Split PST by size
  • Break PST by folder
  • Split PST by year
  • Break PST by date

Split PST File by Date

With the help of this PST File Splitter application, a user can break the PST file into small parts by their date. If a user chooses this option, then he or she needs to select a particular date range and the tool will split the PST file into two parts based on that date. One part will keep the data ‘of and prior’ to that particular date and another part will keep the data ‘after’ that specific date.

Split PST File by Size

The application also permits users to split large PST file into multiple parts by specifying a common size for all of them. A user just needs to define the range of PST file size range between 5 MB to 10 GB and the tool will break Outlook data file into multiple parts according to that only.

Split PST File by Year

If a user wants to split large PST file by year, then this software will let them do the same very easily. It has a split PST by year option, which breaks PST file into the yearly archive. The application allows users to create a separate PST file of each year as specified by the users. For example, if a user has selected year from 2009 to 2014, then it will create 6 PST files. After that, it becomes easy for the user to manage all of them separately.

Split PST File by Folders

This feature let users create multiple PST files for each folder by size. However, this PST file splitter will make a single PST file for each folder separately present inside the PST file. After that, split respective folders by size as specified by the user. For example, inbox.pst, Outlook.pst, contacts.pst, etc.

Split Outlook Archive Files

The software also allows users to break archive.pst file or folder. However, it has an option to split Outlook data archive file by folder, by year, date, or by size. After that, it becomes really easy for the user to handle easily after importing them in Microsoft Outlook.

Make New Folder to Save PST

After splitting PST file into multiple parts, the software allows users to save the PST file at any desired location. However, if a user wants then, he or she can create a new folder also directly from the software panel to save it. In addition, it creates CSV file report, which gets saved at the same location, by default.

Different Versions of PST File Splitter Application

  • Trial Version: This version will let users understand about the software in much better way before purchasing it. One can easily download it from the official website of the organization. As it is a free version of the software, so it has some limitations also. It let users split only first 50 emails from PST file.
  • Full Version: If a user is satisfied with the functionality of the Split PST software after using demo version, then they can easily order it from official website directly. After buying this, a user will full access to all features of the software without any limitation as in the demo version.

Technical Description of PST Splitter Software

Developer SysTools Group
Supported Type of PST File ANSI & Unicode type of PST file
Current version 4.5
Size 9.7 MB
Interface Graphical User Interface
MS Outlook Installation Required Yes
Windows Version Supported 10 and Below Versions
Trial version Available for free


Four different options to split PST file i.e. by folder, by size, by year, or by date

Capable to divide archive.pst file also without any issue


Corrupted PST files need to recover first before splitting.

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Final Verdict

By looking at the overall functionality and performance of the application, the Split PST Software can easily be rated as 9.8 out of 10. Although tool does not split damaged PST file still it works really good. We can easily say that it is a productive application for breaking PST file in order to prevent them from corruption.


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