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Why SSL Certificates Are Really Necessary For My Website?

ssl certificate

There is a growing debate on how important the SSL certificates are & whether or not they are needed for the website. Google has recently stated that it will prioritize secure sites over non-secure internet sites. Likewise, some other corporations have also started to encourage every site to make use of SSL encryption.

 What Is SSL Certificate?

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a digital certificate which authenticates a website and also encrypts the sensitive information. It encrypts confidential information so that any passwords, credit card details can’t be read by anyone else except the intended recipient.

Types Of  SSL Certificates

There are three variants, let’s see them one by one:

DV or Domain Validation

It is the least invasive kind of certificate and doesn’t require any comprehensive background checks or paperwork. It mainly serves the purpose of small business owners as it can be obtained almost instantly.You can obtain Comodo Positive SSL which is most popular and entry level domain validation certificate used to protect online transactions of your website at cost-effective way. Generally, Domain Validation SSL certificate allows you to protect one domain, Multiple domains or subdomains.

OV or Organization Validated

They are a notch above DV certificates, but they require the issuing authority to check if the individual has the ownership of domain name along with investigating organization  name that is mentioned in the certificate request.  Once it is verified, Certificate Authority can issue an Organization Validated SSL certificate. When visitors comes to your site, they can see organization information when Secure Site Seal is clicked on that enhances trust level of your business. Thawte SSL Web server is a popular organization validation SSL certificate today.

EV or Extended Validation

Extended validation or EV certificates provide the more trust to visitors and known as the highest standard in Internet trust. This is why most large companies and  e-commerce website prefers EV SSL certificates.

Every applicant of extended validation (EV) SSL certificate must pass through strictly identity verification process carried out by a Certificate Authority, that requires the applicant to provide additional documentation according the guidelines set by CA/Browser Forum to prove their exclusive ownership of domain name as well as organization’s physical existence, which must be registered in Government record.  The Comodo EV SSL is one of the cheapest & popular extended validation certificate available today.

When EV SSL is enabled in your website green address bar, https://, padlock icon and name of the Organization will be displayed in browser as seen in image below:


A Look Into It’s Working

The way we use keys to lock and unlock the doors, SSL certificates are used to validate and protect sensitive information. A CSR has also to be created on the server. It creates a pair of public and private keys. The public key is used to encrypt the information, and the private key is used to decrypt it and restore it to its original format.

Importance Of SSL Certificates

There are numerous reasons why an SSL security is important:

  • Payments: Any website that offers a secure connection is required by any website that can take online payments, whether through the credit cards or the third party payment processors. These days nonfinancial companies have also started to use SSL encryption on their websites even if they are not selling anything through their websites.
  • Data: It is not just the credit card data that is vulnerable to online attacks. Other personal information such as email addresses and passwords are also at risk. The SSL encryption protects this information and blocks it from any unwanted hacks or potential third-party hacks. If you take any critical information from the website visitors, then you must consider SSL encryption to protect this information.
  • Site Verification: As the SSL certificate authenticate and verify the owners of a website, preventing the website from any phishing attacks.
  • Protection Against Malware Injection: Because an SSL makes it impossible for the hackers to intercept and inject data into encrypted communications.
  • Better SEO: Optimization helps your website in better rankings on the search engine result pages. SSL helps in getting better ranks for the website.
  • Trusted Sites: When you go for SSL it brings more trust to your website. People are comfortable in sharing their details, and they are also less worried when making online payments.

Wrapping Up

So an SSL certificate is essential for the website to make it more secure for the visitors and also make it SEO friendly.



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