SQL injection lab PT.3 – Extracting/Obtaining PHP Cookie

Welcome Gurkhas, in Part 3 . . .

Section 9: Obtain PHP Cookie

1. SQL Injection Menu
o Instructions:
1. Select “SQL Injection” from the left navigation

2. Select Tamper Data

o Instructions:
1. Tools –> Tamper Data

3. Start Tamper Data

o Instructions:
1. Click on Start Tamper

4. Basic Injection

o Instructions:
1. Input “1” into the text box.
2. Click Submit.
o Notes(FYI):
 The goal here is see the GET request being made
to the CGI program behind the scenes.
 Also, we will use the “Surname” output with
SQLMAP to obtain database username and password

5. Tamper with request?

o Instructions:
0. Make sure the Continue Tampering? textbox is
1. Then Click Submit


6. Copying the Referer URL

o Instructions:
0. Select the second GET Request
1. Right Click on the Referer Link
2. Select Copy

7. Open Notepad

o Instructions:
0. Applications –> Wine –> Programs –>
Accessories –> Notepad

8. Paste Referer URL into Notepad

o Instructions:
0. Edit –> Paste

11 php

9. Copying the Cookie Information

o Instructions:
0. Right Click on the Cookie line
1. Select Copy

10. Pasting the Cookie Information

o Instructions:
0. Edit –> Paste
o Notes(FYI):
 Now you should have copied both the Referer and
Cookie lines into Notepad. (See Picture)

….Ok Gurkhas, we’ll continue this in next part.

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