Smart Home Threats And Security Issues

Linear actuators have brought home automation up to the level it now occupies, because of the huge strides which it made in how accessible such things were. Linear actuator website like will show that linear actuators can be used for almost any task, showing how they can be so easily incorporated into many different types of automation.

More and more people are now facing the possibility that their smart devices and home automation are not as secure as they once thought, and that they could be used to spy on homes for a variety of purposes. Home automation is generally designed to make people’s lives easier, but what many people don’t understand is that when we fill our homes with these devices and do not take appropriate precautions, they can be used to see if we are at home, spy on us while we are there, and even get hold of any and all passwords we might be using with the devices.

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            The problem is that many of these home automation devices are now connected to the internet in order to make them more effective at their jobs. While we use them to simply make tea, or close blinds without having to physically be touching the blinds at the time, having the information available on a device which may or may not be protected is something which puts you at risk

Password Protection

            Home automation is becoming smarter, there is no denying that, but is it becoming safer? We are all familiar with passwords and PINs by this point, and the necessity to keep our data private, but we still have a long way to go when it comes to being able to keep up with these things. Passwords need to be changed on your home automation so that nobody can guess what the factory settings are, or if the passwords don’t exist, they need to be created.


            What we particularly don’t understand is that internet – wireless internet – is vulnerable to hacking in ways that wired connections are not. A wireless signal can be disrupted, and it can be intercepted, and if the data stream is not password protected, this can mean that anybody looking to get into the data can know your data and personal preferences, and also can note down any passwords or data which might be sent through the connection.

            This is becoming of particular concern now that more and more people are using the voice-activated smart hubs for their homes – especially the ones which can connect with the outside world and be used to order things online. Credit card numbers, personal preferences, dates and times of deliveries – everything is available to people who want to take the time to hack these devices.

Security Cameras

            Security cameras are of particular concern, as they are vulnerable to hackers in a number of ways. Security systems can now operate remotely, both in showing people what is going on through the cameras, and in helping them to open and close doors, shut down security systems, and so on.

            While being able to shut down the security system from a remote location is helpful, if the system is not protected well, this means that anybody can get the information required to do so, therefore making your house vulnerable. Similarly, a camera can be hacked very easily, revealing a lot about your home.

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