3 Reason why Pokemon Go might disappoint gamers in india

Pokemon Go

The Most Mega-Viral game  Pokemon Go , that lets  people search areas to find Pokemon in the real world with the use of augmented reality developed by Niantic.The game is available for Andriod and iOS platform and  launches in 26 more countries like us,UK,Australia ,Newzealand etc. But the game still not available in many other countries.Even Japan Birth Country of Pokemon and many other Asian countries like India waits in anticipation for the wildly popular Pokemon Go game to launch in their countries.

Indian Frustrated  Gamers and many other countries had already downloaded unofficial version and immersed into the world of Pokemon Go game , as the official game for these countries is yet to be released.

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Why viral Game Pokemon GO  might disappoint  Gamers in India

1. Internet Connectivity in India

In some Region people might not be able to play Pokemon Go game due to Poor Internet connectivity.As People of India had already installed Unofficial Pokemon Go game on their smartphones  and they found that it is totally unresponsive in some places while playing the game due to poor Internet connectivity. Pokemon Go consumes lot of internet Data as Server is Overloaded Sometimes only way to play a game without interrupt is you need an Active 3g or 4g Data during Playtime for smooth game Experience. This Would be One of the Greatest Impact for Gamers.

2. Pokemon Go is an OutDoor Game

Pokemon Go is Most Unique Game compared to the video gaming history as it is augmented reality mobile game. It uses GPS coordinate(Google map) to mark the location of various Pokemon within real-life views captured by the phones’ rear cameras. To play with this, we have to be physically near targets(Pokemon) on the map to interact with them.This would be dangerous in India because Indian roads are dangerous  for pedestrians.Don’t dive into game deeply especially in crowded roads and streets.This would be another reason that might disappoint gamers in India as they cannot continuously focus on the game in some regions because of the Indian Road.

3. Restricted and Dangerous places

As I said Pokemon go is  augmented reality mobile game.You need to roam outside to catch Pokemon , you can find Pokemon in the random location , as far we know there are many Dangerous places in India like Pit, hills, rivers and forest in India.People might fall into dangerous areas while playing.

I Even heard  from the game user all the poker stops and gyms are in the temples around you


Official release date for Pokemon Go in India is yet to be confirmed ,soon we can expect an official launch  in India for both iOS and Andriod.Till then people are enjoying Pokemon Go in iPhone and Andriod  with unofficial version .


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