OnePlus 3 camera review

The Oneplus 3 is built on a winning formula. Take the latest flagship hardware makes some smart compromises without skimping on quality and offer it at a competitive price. This was enough to turn Oneplus into a household name in just a couple of years. Previous Oneplus smartphones surely have their share of issues and these often made the headlines. The company’s both claims combined with the attractive pricing were met with strict scrutiny from the user community. Not to mention the controversial invite system meant you had to wait to get one. Well, that’s no more the Oneplus 3 is no longer as cheap as the first phone. And there is no longer an invite system. Everybody can get one and we did only to be amazed by the exceptional build quality and the enviable performance.

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OnePlus 3 camera test

One aspect that impressed us in particular was the camera. So much so that we decided we should do a full review of it. The Oneplus 3 cameras built on a solid foundation. It has a large sensor a bright operator and its high megapixel count is a breath of fresh air among the complex 12-megapixel snappers that have popped up recently.

Oxygen OS comes with a straightforward camera app with the minimum set off by default. You get a big shutter button a toggle to switch to the front camera and all the most like time lapse panorama and video are took the way in a side menu. You can swipe through them easily while shooting. Manual mode gives you intuitive slider controls over focus white balance ISO and shutter speed. You don’t need to adjust all these settings you can leave some for auto.

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More important, we have to make is that the photos that come out of the 16-megapixel camera phone look great and are the definite improvement over the Oneplus 2, to say the least. Detail is abundant and there’s a reasonable amount of sharpening to help bring it out. Colors are nicely saturated and the white balance is accurate and predictable. Contrast is superb and dynamic range is very good. Not only that but we also appreciate how the images are rendered processing is mature and textures are an over sharpest, Vegetation looks natural too.

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Compare it to season camera phones like the Galaxy s7. The Oneplus 3 actually delivers more detail without even employing as much sharpening and post-processing. The Oneplus 3 also produces better images than the Xiaomi mi5. Which have the same 16 megapixels Sony sensor? There is no laser autofocus like on the Oneplus 2. But the three has faced detect autofocus instead. Well, it’s no galaxy s7 and disrespects it’s still one of the fastest camera phones we’ve seen. And what’s more, it’s consistently good enough in low light.

The Oneplus 3 can match up or perhaps even out should the galaxy s7. Thanks to its higher megapixel count and arguably better processing and pixel level.It is one of the best-selling Smartphones in Amazon. If a great camera is on your must-have list for a new smartphone, the Oneplus 3 should definitely be considered. It’s a camera phone that well deserved that name regardless whether you’re into photos selfies or video.

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