On-Page SEO Techniques That’ll Boost Your Rankings

Before going to discuss about the on-page SEO techniques, we have to explain what is actually on page SEO means. On-page SEO means to all of the process and steps, which can be implemented within the site and in the code. This will finally help you in improving the position of a website in the search engine rankings.

There are numbers of methods for increasing the rank of your blog or website in the Google index. One method is to make important changes on the website, which will help you to achieve higher ranking in the search engine. The changes or modification that you have done on the website is called  On-Page optimization.

If you are talking with any person regarding the on-page optimization, then he may or may not use the term on page optimization as Meta tag writing and usage of a number of keywords. These are also two main components related to the on-page optimization, but on-page SEO does not end with these two kinds of steps.

Now we can move on to the section about on page techniques for boosting your website rankings.

Optimizing the Permalink

A permalink is a link which comes after the address of the Domain. For implementing a good SEO, you have to structure the permalink effectively. In the case of having a very long permalink or an automatically created permalink, then make it to a shorter one and if you can possible one or two keywords on to it. Sometimes the permalink created is dynamic in nature that is it changes each time when one visits the web page. This will pose the main problem for the bots in the indexing pages. Google knows about what the article or blog is all about by containing the relevant texts. If we are taking an example, www.abcd.com/techniques-to-on-page-optimization,  this will assist to produce a good optimized result. Make the long story into short one, and you have to edit the permalinks of your blog or articles and create them correct relating to the particular heading or to the article.


Take Care about the Title Tag

The title tag plays a very important role in on-page optimization techniques. You want to have an SEO optimized title for the site that you have to improve the rankings. Few points that you have to keep in mind while making the title of web pages contain:

  • Try and go for easy to understand and relevant title.
  • Must include target keywords in the article
  • Try and include the keywords at the starting of the title. Though do not try and needlessly fit the keywords in the starting. Try to create it look natural and hence will get maximum advantages of SEO.

Role of Meta Description

In the year of 2009, Google stopped using the Meta description as a factor for deciding the website ranking. Today the meta descriptions are used for creating the snippets in Search engine page results. You have to include the keywords in the meta description for making the snippets looks good. Though don’t needlessly fill the keywords like they would not help to increase the page rank of your website.

Make use of heading

In the articles, Heading 1 tag of H1 tags are very much important. You have to build those tags in an SEO friendly method. So try and make use each of the heading tags in a potential manner. That is the first h1, then h2 and then h3 etc. if you are including the primary keywords in the heading, which can also help to achieve a higher ranking, though this insertion of keywords should not be overdone.

Content Optimization

If you have to optimize the content on your website, ensure that you have to keep in mind about the following points:

  • Write the content in a descriptive format: ensure that you have to write the content in a descriptive style with lots of information and facts. Google search engine tends to like the content that has been explained well and it is easy to understand.
  • Try and go for interlinking: You should never forget to have an interlink within the content. Overall, this will improve the structure of the content and will help in engaging the users for a long interval of time. Most popular websites like Wikipedia tend to include on their website.
  • Go for a natural and uniform sprinkling of keywords: Try and use the keywords in a uniform style so as they will not break the flow of an article. Try and add the target keywords in the beginning paragraph of the content as it is from where the bots will get the reference to the article is all about.
  • Try and write for the readers and not for the bots: This refers to write an article which is easy to understand. Don’t always focus on getting the higher rank. Don’t forget that, for a long run you have readers and not the just visitors.  The high quality of the content of the blog and proper and perfect interlinking will assist you to convert the visitors into the frequent readers. They will visit the blog repeatedly after they will like the information and content.

Increase the site loading Speed

Google tends to like the sites those are load at a high rate and so provide a great user experience. If yes, this is one of the main criteria for the ranking of the page higher in the Algorithm of Google for the page ranking.

Mobile Responsiveness

It means that the site will take the size of the device in which is opened, whether it is a tablet or mobile phone. As you know there are numbers of devices are used to browse through websites, it is very important to see and ensure that they open in an equal way on every device. Make the site is responsive, so that it will display the like manner across every device.

Optimizing the Images

When optimizing the content in the website, don’t misjudge the power of images in driving the traffic to the website. Images play an essential role in improving the overall traffic of the blog or website. Try to keep the image tag which is optimized and label the same with the target keywords. This will help to improve the overall ranking in the Google search engine.

Concept of LSI

Today, the latest Semantic Indexing or LSI also plays an important role in improving the overall ranking of the website. LSI means to match or similar keywords, for example, Search engine Optimization, custom essay writing service, free traffic, organic SEO etc. These LSI keywords are known to have the weight and so add to the total score of the website, thereby increasing the higher ranking of the same.

So applying the On-page optimization techniques is the beginning step of the SEO campaign. Google initially rank a website by it’s on page optimization instead of off page optimization. Therefore, we can say that these steps are always important in the SEO techniques.  

My name is Charles Rawls. I have been in this writing career for the past few years. Cheap essay writing service is really a good platform for new writers to establish themselves in the writing field. And it gives a good platform to share their thoughts and ideas related to a particular topic.

Charles Rawls

My name is Charles Rawls. I have been in this writing career for the past few years. Cheap essay writing service is really a good platform for new writers to establish themselves in the writing field. And it gives a good platform to share their thoughts and ideas related to a particular topic.