New Smart Home Gadgets To Create Your Home Of Future

Society is too dependent on technology. That’s why it’s no surprise that more and more homeowners want to install technology in their houses to save energy, simplify their tasks, etc. Smart home gadgets become an essential component of any home. Because of that, smart home products become an easy purchase for consumers. The majority of homeowners now are saying that they want to buy at least an intelligent home product. A few years from now, most homes could have at up to 500 smart devices. It’s true that homes in the city are smaller than those in suburban areas. However, it does not mean that homeowners won’t have a reason not to be proud of their houses. If you have not set up your home yet, you might think that automating it would be expensive. But it’s not entirely accurate. There are ways to turn your home into a smart home within a budget. Thanks to the smart home devices that can turn your ordinary home into a smart one. In this post, let’s take a look at some of the new smart home gadgets to create your home of future from brands with roots in Asia.

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1. Ambi Climate 2

Living in a hot and humid climate can be difficult. You sweat outdoors. But when you go indoors, your air conditioner is not doing you any good because it’s making you uncomfortably cold. Plus, running it is expensive. One of the smart home solutions to try is the Ambi Climate of Ambi Labs, which is a Hong Kong startup. The device promises to alleviate the said problem as it can identify areas that affect the thermal comfort of your home. It uses AI, and it can create a unique user profile for owners and adjust your air conditioner according to the information you’ve entered. Because of that, you could end up a reduced bill.

2. Water Sensor of D-Link
It’s a smart home solution to flooding. But D-Link’s approach is creative. Its water sensor utilizes cable with leads. If the water touches it, the leads detect an increased conductivity. From there, it sets off an alarm. What makes it smart is that you can plug it into a wall, so you don’t need batteries to power it. It also connects to your phone through Wi-Fi. It’s perfect if you have a basement.

3. Smart Lock by Igloohome
To function, smart locks must be connected to the Internet. You can’t grant access to your guests without Wi-Fi or a form of Internet connectivity. But this could change through Igloohome from a startup in Singapore. The device is a smart digital lock with remote PIN code-creation capacity. The unique part is that it does not rely on an Internet connection to function. The creator created a formula that allows Igloohome smart lock and its app to understand each other, even without Internet connection. That said, it’s a suitable smart lock for homes where the Internet is usually not stable. You can also install it in houses located in beaches or mountains. Another great thing about it is that it integrates with Airbnb. For example, if you received a confirmed
reservation, the smart lock device will generate a code. Then, it automatically sends it to the guest so he/she can gain access to your house. Then, as the property owner, you can view the logs on the mobile app to know who entered your property
and at what date and time. That said, it’s not only perfect for those who rent out their houses. But it’s also ideal for the healthcare
industry. If you have elder living with you, it lets you monitor the time the elderly enters the home. Dormitory managers can also take advantage of it to monitor attendance. And for parents, they receive notification if their children have arrived home from school.

4. Smart speaker by Xiaomi
China’s Xiaomi joined the crowded smart speaker space. The Mi AI speaker is the company’s take at Echo. It uses MIUI operating system, which is a variant of Android. The speaker can control Xiaomi products. It uses six microphones for a 360-degree sound broadcast. As a smart speaker, it can play music and listen to your commands. It can tell you the latest news and order you a cab. You can make it as the brain of your home. It can listen and talk to you. It can also adjust its volume when you move from one room to another.

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