Modern Students and Their Addiction

As we all know modern and new generations are always ready to accept some changes and revolutions in their life. They love to make some changes and modifications in their life. Students are loved to develop and indulge in new activities. When they are entering into new academic life they get to know new people and get to know new lifestyle. And they attracted and influenced by that. They unknowingly caught into new habits and they become addicted to it which will lead to the destruction of their life. So mainly parents and teachers observe the students activities and look out whether they are indulging in new habits.

Addiction to technological devices

We know that we are living in a technological era wherein every field we need technological devices. Students mainly use technological devices for their learning purpose. But somehow they become addicted to it. At first, they use it for their learning purpose but after that, they search for applications which will entertain them. Ones they get to know about the entertainment elements in technology games social media and all then it will become an addiction to those particular elements. They lose their concentration in studies they start spending time with the technology for their entertainment. So students mainly influenced and affected by technological devices. At first, it was computers and now mobile phones mainly teachers and parents complain about the overuse of mobile phones by the students which indirectly affect their studies and learning process.

Addiction to alcohol

When the students step into new world and new learning they come across with new friends and colleagues. They accept them and also accept their habits if any. When a student reaches to adolescent age they always try to do an experiment in life. So they keep their hand on alcohol and it becomes an addiction to them at one point in time. We know that more than 80% of students use alcohol in their life knowingly or unknowingly to their parents. It really bad for their health and ones they fell into the trap then no one will be able to save them. The students who are I adolescent age face so many stress academicals as well as personal stress so they use alcohol as an escape from all the stress and strain and later they become addicted to it. And to escape from that use another path which will destroy their life.

Drug usage

It is the very dangerous one. Every parent is very tensed and worried because of these new modern changes in our society. Our research shows that mainly school children’s and college students caught into these problems. Drugs show the very negative effect on a student’s life. Ones they fall into that then no one can help them to come into normal life. It damages the brain and our nerves. Drugs are pleasure seeking and it gives temporary pleasure to them. First, they try to see its effect on their body later they caught into it and addicted to it. After that, they lose touch into the real world and they feel like everyone is laughing at them. So such changes make them broken and they try to seek relaxation in using drugs. But they will not get the pleasure later they will use it more and more and finally they will face death. Miraculously some escapes from it but more than 75%of people are not able to come again into normal life. It affects their life and also their learning process. So at first itself parents, as well as teachers, must observe the students if they show any kind of behavioral changes then they should try to find out its reason and give solution for that particular problems.                       

 No one willingly becomes addicted to some habits but they unknowingly get into it and they are not able to escape from that. So at first itself, we must give some counseling class to the students mainly the students who are in adolescence age they are easily caught into such traps. So when we get some indication related to the addiction at first itself we should warn them and give information’s related to it. Usage of alcohol, addiction to smoking, addiction to technological devices addiction to drugs or marijuana, these are mainly found in students who are at their adolescent peak so mainly parents and teachers play an important role in it and should able to show the right path.