3 Most Expensive Million Dollar Apps for iPhone

Millions app were developed for Iphone and Ipad since the launch Apple’s App store,As iPhone is  one of the most expensive luxury smartphones.For expensive smartphones people have developed Million dollar App for iPhone where most people can’t afford such Expensive Apps.If you are  a Millionaire you can buy this Apps.

Million Dollar App for iPhone & iPad

1.  VIP Black –  $999.99


VIP black - Million Dollar App

As the name indicates this app is for Millionaires . Vip Black Members get access to everything that you Dreamed .You will get everything from the world’s first luxury lifestyle app, You are treated like a VIP across  partner venues and priority booking at premium restaurants and many other privileges.After joining to the VIP Member Family you will get access to member services like ‘Anything, Anywhere’ .If you are Millionaire I would recommend you to buy this App.

2.  QSFFStats – $999


QSFFStats - Million Dollar App

This App is very light weight(0.4 MB) like the feather,But the price of the app is heavy as a Elephant. QSFFStats app will allow you to keep track of Flag Football stats for all passing leagues. If you are a football enthusiast and a Millionaire this app is right for you which helps you to track all the football stats.

3.   MPiStutter –  $999



This app is very useful to some people who usually stammer while speaking.MPiStutter trains him or her to eliminate sudden involuntary pauses while speaking and speak fluently at a normal speaking rate.As apple store described in thier Page this App is genuine and it works for a people who stutterers while speaking and who have learned to speak fluently in a speech clinic but are having difficulty transferring this fluency to conversations outside the speech clinic.This app is worth trying If you are Millionaire


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