What Makes WordPress the Ultimate Choice for Web Developers and Business Owners Alike

The Internet, in the current days, is rife with blogs all over. Millions of people have found a temporary respite from the everyday struggle through blogging. In the times that we live now, blogging has even become a way for people to earn money. There are video blogs (vlogs), food blogs, travel blogs, lifestyle blogs – you name it, and there will be a website dedicated to it. Blogs have become the new way of life. There are people either reading them or writing them. It is because of this reason that WordPress has become just a significant trend among internet users, specifically bloggers.

Most of the websites for the blogs came and failed to make a significant mark in the virtual world. However, out of all WordPress came by in the year 2003 and is still being used prominently by the people. The inception of WordPress made it a unique and ubiquitous site initially. It left its footprints in the market by becoming one of the dominating websites in the virtual world. It is one of the most used content management systems in the world.

A basic description of WordPress

WordPress has come to become one of the robust blogging platforms in the current age. It is also a content management system that millions of websites are built on. To add to that, it is an open source CMS, which means that it is not stringent to a particular development, but people from all over the world can contribute to its development. One can only imagine how powerful a piece of work can be when it is open to development from every part of the world- a product of unity and an even platform for all.

WordPress’ hold over the internet

Now we will take a look at why WordPress is such a big craze among all internet users.

It is one of the mightiest content management systems that the internet has to offer to us. That is to say, the name in itself is a brand. That, in turn, will serve as quite an explanation of why this platform should be used, even before breaking down to the exact features of the system.

One of the most attractive features of WordPress is its customizable themes. WordPress is made based on PHP and MySQL, which, to break it down, means that the system tracks the distinguishable interests of the user by their choices and brings forth suggestions that might be of further use to them. To put it bluntly, a blogger has way more options to exhibit them than in any standard system.

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It is free. Now that is a word that would capture more than half the population’s interests. A customizable website that is vouched to be one of the strongest blogging platforms is available at free of cost! There are very few people who would not be drawn in by the concept. The setup and maintenance costs are incredibly low.

There is no targeted audience. Even websites could make use of it to promote themselves and their idea of debt along with any help that they can offer to businesses that are struggling with debt issues.

Here we need to figure out why is WordPress so common in the virtual sight:

  • Cost effective: Those days are way back in the past when you had to pay a hefty amount to the web designers to build your website. Then it is way too cheap to keep up with the maintenance of the site made on WordPress. The reason behind this is that you can do it on your own instead of hiring a web designer to specially make changes in your website.
  • Mobility: The changes in your website can be made from anywhere in the world. Even if you are not in the office, you can update your site on the WordPress.
  • SEO compatibility: The SEO feature of the websites made on WordPress is way too efficient. The codes that are used for building WordPress sites are easily available for Google indexing for WordPress. Then the SEO components that are there on the websites made on WordPress can be customized for each page, and you can rank the SEO rating.
  • Responsive web design: It is seen that the websites are now being mostly accessed by the users on their mobile devices. Thus the sites were required to be made according to the changing needs. WordPress gives the users that option, and on the mobile, the website becomes easily responsive.


It is systems like WordPress that show us how far we have come since the introduction of the internet. Web development has seen new facets, and with their room for expansion, we are yet to see how much farther experts can go in the field of web development.

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