Major Benefits of Using the Finest Oil in Agriculture Machinery

Major Benefits of Using the Finest Oil in Agriculture Machinery

Undoubtedly, agriculture machinery goes through harsh conditions and rough uses as they should be. However, things can turn ugly or damaging if you do not pay attention to the machine’s maintenance aspect. Especially, the use of oil and lubricants play a vital role in keeping the machine healthy.

In fact, agricultural oil needs specialized and trained professionals to handle this part. The oils are used for various purposes. Hydraulic and transmission oil are the most commonly used oil.While using the agricultural oil, you must know the safest way of preserving them; first of all, keep the oil in safe containers and use larger containers to keep the oil safe inside.

The oils are generally used to lubricate the machines and the standard quality oil would not just suffice, in some cases, you might have to get the special oil designed for specific demands to be used in certain conditions. The oil with low-temperature fluids is the better choice to prevent the machine from wearing and tearing due to high temperature during the operation.

Below mentioned are a few major benefits of the use of oil in agricultural machines.

Preventive Maintenance:

First of all, when you use the oil in the machines, you are in fact undertaking a preventive measure that means you can find out the problems before they could arise. And this gives you more productivity because by eliminating downtime that you might have spent in repairs.

It also improves the availability of the machine and substantially cuts down the chances of the breakdown.


By using oil, you will reduce the chances of accidents that occur during the operation. The survey suggests that 10-15 % accidents are caused by the irregular maintenance of the machinery. And it eases the operator’s life by functioning uninterruptedly


You have to look at your vehicles health regularly, not that every once in a while you check the conditions and forget for the next eternity before you come back to say hello to the machine.

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Therefore, make sure that you use the oil and lubricants on a regular basis and using best and finest oil could improve the performance of the machine and run safely.

Prevents wear and tear:

Since the machines work relentlessly in the field, the components tend to wear out. And as they wear out the cost of the maintenance goes up because over the time the components tend to lose their strength and slowly degenerate.

And if you want to avoid such situations, and then make sure that you use proper maintenance methodologies and most importantly the highest grade lubricants to keep the components from wearing out.

Eliminate contamination:

The components such as hydraulic lift, powertrain, and engine must get oiled frequently. Over the time the oil gets contaminated resulting in corrosion. And corrosion can not only damage the machine. But also poses accidental threats. By using better quality oil, you will keep the contaminants at the bay.

Protects equipment when inactive:

Now that the machines are used on a seasonal basis, they have to stand still for few weeks or sometimes months, and while in standstill position, the machines are prone to damage, wear and tear, but by using oil, you will ensure the safe storage of the machines so that you can use them in the next season without a single problem.

Temperature Control:

The best oil will absorb the heat by driving it away from the surface. The lubricator will either dissipate the heat or it would transport it back to the cooling component. In each of the cases, the oil works as the temperature controller that helps to reduce the risk of heat-related malfunctions and damages.

Prevents Friction:

If you think that oil and lubricates make the surface smoother, then you should change that notion because it does more than the general perception. The oil creates a coating that obstructs the metal to metal contact between the surfaces of two moving parts. Every component has some level of ruggedness in spite of their appearance as smooth and polished. The tine peaks known as asperities prick out and rub against the opposing surface resulting in friction.

And then this generated friction causes heat and enhances the surface wear that can cause damage, failure or the complete breakdown, and by using oil, you will keep these issues at the bay.

Enhances the lifespan of the machine:

Since the use of oil prevents the dirt, dust, corrosion, friction, and heat affecting the machine, the device works better and continues to perform effectively for a long time.


Because the lubricators keep the machines healthy, you are going to experience less downtime and repair issues which will save the time and money alike.

Therefore, it is important that you carry out the periodic maintenance process to understand the needs of your machine. Apparently, the machines are like humans with mechanical organism instead of organic. But the requirements are same, as we need nutrients, the machines also need nutrition elements and oils are the source of machine nutrients.

Therefore, before you choose the oil, you have to look at the specific demands of your machine. While some machines require specific kind of oil, some would just do fine with anything. That is why; you must consult the technicians to find out the suitable oil for the machine.

You can also refer to the manual book and follow the instruction. You also have the luxury of looking for information online and find out the right kind of oil you need for the devices.

If you still find it difficult, then consult the manufacturer or the oil suppliers who can assist you in finding the right kind of oil for the machine. In a nutshell, the oil is important and you have to pay attention to the needs of your machine.

So, make sure that you regularly check your machine, ask the operators to look out for the issues that might be lurking and will show up in the future without a warning. Remain alert and aware.

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