iOS News: Apple Gadgets That Will Rock This Autumn

IOS News: Apple Gadgets That Will Rock This Autumn


There were some complaints that Apple is not evolving, but this changed in 2017 when we saw the new iPads and Mac products. Who does not love new apple gadgets? There has been so many rumours about what’s to come with this technology giant and we are waiting patiently. Here are the must have Apple gadgets this autumn.

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iMac Pro

We already love the iMac, but the iMac Pro is focused on a much better performance, which is great! With memory up to 128 GB and storage of 1TB, this got everyone very excited. It is a 27 inch computer and instead of the usual silver, Apples has opted to go for a unique grey look. The latest Apple products have not disappointed us and we look forward to what is lined up.


Apple recently announced that they will be making some significant changes to the current iMac, which will be beneficial to the users. It might include a brighter screen as well as more RAM options. A lot of the focus will go into the graphics and we will see a refreshed look.

Siri Speakers

It is said that Apple will soon be coming out with a speaker that links to the virtual assistant, Siri. Even though not much has changed with Apple last year, this would be an exciting new addition. It seems like this is a new trend, by combining speakers and virtual assistants. Reports are saying that it would include a screen and facial recognition software, which is pretty neat.

iPad Pro

Apple new products always live up to the hype, but we have been patiently awaiting an upgrade to the iPad Pro. One of Apple’s speakers mentioned that this is the year we can expect the long awaited upgrade. A faster processor was discussed, as well as increase in the graphics performance. The battery of the new iPad Pro should get you around 10 hours charge and a minimum of 64GB.

Apple Watch 3

One of my favorite Apple gadgets have to be the Apple watch. With the new version of the Apple watch, it is said that you are not required to link your watch to the iPhone. You can make calls and stream your music without linking the two devices. This is going to be a very convenient change and we are eagerly awaiting the September launch of the iPhone.

iPhone SE 2

There was not much wrong with the iPhone SE, but who does not like improvements by any means. This phone is going to change the way you look at mobile phones. We are expecting a lot of feature upgrades, but expect the look to be similar to the former. A better camera would be ideal, as well as more storage space. The expected date is around September 2017 or early 2018.

iPhone 8

We are expecting a lot from the iPhone 8 and rumour has it that it should be launched soon. One of the great improvements would be to get rid of the home screen button and replace it with a corner to corner glass screen. The phone screen would then still be able to read your fingerprint to unlock. This would be a great addition or upgrade to the amazing iPhone 7.

Apple Clips

This is not a gadget, but rather an app that Apple offers its users. We live in a virtual world where everything is expressed on social media. This video app has been very popular amongst iPhone users and allows you to take videos that can be shared on social media, without knowing much about video editing. It is said to be a good quality and high end video app. You are able to combine videos, images and music to create a stunning video that is easily sharable.

Improved Features

You either love or hate the Siri interactive assistant. Apple is said to improve the quality of Siri, which will be very welcoming to many users. The speech will be greatly improved in order for Siri to provide accurate results. There will also be a feature which will be able to pick up if you are driving and switch your phone to do not disturb. This is fantastic, because we all know the dangers of texting and driving. Better low light quality pictures will be greatly welcomes, as well as receiving payments and make payments through the iMessage system. The app store has also gone through a redesign process, which allows you to find what you are looking for, much easier. The App of the Day feature is making a comeback to actively advertise some of the amazing features that might be missed otherwise.


With all the new and exciting changes coming, it seems like we are going to have an awesome autumn. Apple does try to do regular updates and upgrades, but there are also moments when we feel like it’s taking forever. At least now, we have something to look forward to for this year and the coming year. We do hope that the announcements and rumours are not just hearsay and that it would actually happen sooner than later. The long wait is finally over and all gadget junkies are excited for what is to come. Well, I am not gadget fanatic, but I do like change and improvement and there for, I’m very excited.

The silence that Apple experienced in 2016 is definitely behind us and I’m sure they have been busy working on bringing us all these exciting new features and gadgets in 2017. It amazes me how many people go out of their way to find this information, but it is also there for us to not lose hope in the technology giant. I do trust what is said at the conferences more, that is why most of what is included, is not just speculations. Let’s get ready for autumn, because it is going to be a great one.

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