How to use JavaScript tricks for your Digital Marketing.

In the digital marketing realm, JavaScript has been neglected and was thought to not be as useful as HTML and CSS are. However, in recent time, there has been a shift in this and JavaScript is becoming a more integral part of modern digital marketing. The reason for this is that JavaScript present many useful tricks that users can make use of and that allows them to work better to market their content online. In this article, we will discuss some of the tricks you can use with JavaScript to further your digital marketing.

JavaScript Gives Detailed Information

Javascript can give a digital marketer detailed information about a certain web page. It is through Javascript (JS) that you can acquire on-page analytics data collection. This can data can be crucial to your success as a digital marketer and many organizations around the world use the data given by JS to improve their digital marketing. Anything beyond the simple page view tracking like Google analytics custom events and dimensions will require a custom JS code.

JavaScript Increases Digital Marketing Functionality

The original purpose of JS was to extract more data from a webpage. However, there are many more uses of JS than just extracting data. There are many handfuls of things that JS can be used for that will make your marketing easier. For example, JS can be used to automate tasks such as producing an email marketing report and PPC bidding. These automated tasks for digital marketing can allow you to focus your attention on the other aspects of your website.

Another great function of JS is the ability for JS to do testing and optimization of a webpage. Platforms such as optimized use JS to make a page into different variations for an A/B test.

Automation Increases Speed

The many automation functions of JS can significantly increase the speed of your work. As mentioned previously, JS can be used for repetitive tasks that are time-consuming. The task such as finding specific information about a page to chrome extensions can all be automated by JS. This can allow you to increase your speed and productivity in your marketing endeavors.


As you know, SEO is vital to any digital marketer’s success and JS plays a vital role in this too, making it one more reason why you should get to grips with it. Google’s information retriever has the following three processes:

  • Crawler
  • Indexer
  • Query engine

These are all pretty complex functions and we will explain them briefly. The crawler is the Googlebot and its function is to find URLs and crawl the content on them. It then sends this information to the indexer.

The indexer’s purpose is to execute JS, make sense of the URL and analyze the content.

Traditionally, it has been thought that the indexer cannot crawl JS and that this meant that websites with JS enabled would be ranked inaccurately on Google. This created a lot of problems for developers and content marketers who want to implement JS on their website.

This also meant that a lot of web developers started working with HTML and CSS exclusively to ensure that their site would be ranked. With JS, the conventional thought has been that indexing and crawling became very inefficient. Google’s own ambiguity in regards to this issue also did not help.

However, Google’s ability to crawl and index JS websites have come leaps and bounds in recent years. Nowadays, Google can rank a JS orientated website as well as any HTML or CSS coded website. This is another reason why you should not be afraid to add JS functionality to your website. JS links work exactly like plain text and HTML websites.

Now you can greatly improve the look of your website by inserting dynamic content. This will take your digital marketing to another level and with the peace of mind that Google will rank your content properly. Before, an academic essay writer would have been comfortable writing content for HTML, but now, even JS coders can become good at SEO.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using JS for digital marketing. It can lessen your workload significantly as there are many automated processes one can defer to JS. This means some monotonous tasks do not need to be tended to any longer.

Most of all, JS content can now be indexed and ranked by Google easily. All these advantages of JS mean that it is vital that you incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy to gain more success in your endeavors and make use of dynamic content that you know Google will rank properly.


William Melton is a professional blogger and part-time editor at Writingjobz. He has a master degree in Education and keens on web technologies. He provides a free tutoring lessons at local high school in Portland.

William Melton

William Melton is a professional blogger and part-time editor at Writingjobz. He has a master degree in Education and keens on web technologies. He provides a free tutoring lessons at local high school in Portland.