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How to bypass blocked torrent using proxy servers and SSH & PuTTY

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Here is the step-by-step Tutorial to bypass the BitTorrent blocks by different methods.

Some companies, colleges and government usually block torrent application because torrent uses peer to peer protocol(p2p).It is probably one of the largest bandwidth eaters for most of the network in the world.Torrent is usually used to download large files like Movies, software and games.The torrent file usually downloaded from many popular file sharing websites like torrentz ,kat.cr, piratebay.

I assume everyone familiar with BitTorrent software. Bit torrent is one of the most popular P2P file sharing protocol.

METHOD-1: Connect Torrent to Proxy Server

Step -1: Open BitTorrent

Step-2: simply click on Options->preferneces->Connections and enter proxy server details

You can use Torguard proxy

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METHOD-2: Bypass using SSH and PuTTY

This method employs SSH and  PuTTYto unblock the torrent .The process of this approach is SSH and Putty is used to encrypt the data being sent and received by your P2P tool (i.e., Bit Torrent).

This process usually fools the firewall and able to bypass the filter

Step-1: Register an account for SSH server through online not to worry its free!

step-2: Configure  PuTTY on your computer to connect SSH server (To download PuTTY Click Here

step-3: Note down a local port for connection.

EX-port 9999,8080

step-4: Now configure your Bit Torrent software to connect to the local port (i.e.,9999). 

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Now you can use P2P file sharing tool.



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