How Mental Health Professionals can Cross 20,000 Twitter Followers in Under a Year

Nowadays social media has grown bigger and if you learn to use this platform for your business, it can be a game-changing move. Twitter is one of the most powerful social media assets and can help you in building your brand online. Many of us think it is easy but social media marketing is tricky enough.

Many social media sites have billions of active users but it is nearly impossible to engage with all of them. You can join multiple social sites to connect more people. Many of the Twitter users have millions of followers but they haven’t made that list overnight.

You have to give your time to reach a bigger audience. Here’s the basic question strike, how much time it will take? It depends on your strategies and what the no you are expecting. Here I have listed top 10 strategies to make 20,000+ followers in a single year.

This blog is dedicated to the mental health professionals and it will surely help them in increasing their twitter followers.

Globalization has given us wings but it has also given some serious health problems to the mass. The scale of mental stress and anxiety is higher in metro cities compared to smaller towns. The major population of this globe is dealing with some serious mental health problems.

It has been difficult for us to spend time with our lovable or even we hardly manage to give enough time to ourselves. The complete change in our lifestyle is also a major reason for many health diseases. If you are dealing with any kind of mental health issue you must consult a mental health profession as soon as possible.

For a health professional, it may be difficult to spend hours on social media and interact with people. He/She maybe is giving a lot of time to their patients. Thus, we have come with this amazing list of top 10 strategies to build a bigger audience on twitter in less time.

These top 10 strategies may be categorized into four points:

# Always make effort to create an enticing or informative content for your tweet which has higher chances to be retweeted

#Always follow others so that they can also follow back you

# Use hashtags with the words relevant to your profession

# And lastly always promote your twitter activities on other social media platforms

Let’s dig this amazing list of top 10 strategies to make 20,000+ followers in a single year.

  1. Tweet Often

Tweets have really short lifespan until you get a heavy response from the users. The best way to survive on twitter is to tweet often.

For mental health professionals, it will be easy to tweet several times in a day. They have a lot of news to share with their followers. Many professionals manage their own blog and publish posts on mental health problems. If you are one of them then you can share your blogs on twitter to get more engaged with your followers.

You can also share your daily activities, success stories, and interesting case studies throughout the day. The most important thing is not to provide your patient identity on such a big social platform. Why I am figuring out this point you know better than me.

Find out new ways to get more engaged with the users. Your tweets simply fall further down in the newsfeed. Thus, it is necessary to tweet often during the whole day.

The best way to reach a bigger audience is to tweet at least five times a day. Tweeting just one or two times a day gives you the tag of some kind of inactive user. It doesn’t mean to flood your newsfeed with tweets and give much time on crafting tweets. The number of tweets around 5 will give you greater response and is quite manageable too.

  1. Tweet Consistently
Pic Source: Flickr (Mkh Marketing)

Many top marketers and influencers are working on the tweeting algorithm. This algorithm is not so much complicated as Newton’s equations (they are really complicated even for me).

Make a balance between your tweets, tweeting consistently at a single time or tweeting less will be indigestible for your followers.

Don’t annoy your followers with your tweet bursts, give them space. If they find your tweets somehow irritating they may unfollow you. On the other hand, don’t forget to tweet often otherwise the users will forget about you.

Tweeting consistently and making a tweeting schedule may be a very time-consuming task for you. Schedule your tweets using a tool and save you time. There are plenty of tools available online. You can use HootSuite or Twaitter tool for scheduling your tweets.

  1. Use Your Industry’s Popular Hashtags
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Always use hashtags to the niche you have given in your bio. This will help you in connecting with same minded people in very short time.

As for example if you are a mental health consultant you can use hashtags like #mental_health, #healthy_life, #consultant, #health_issue, #mental, #mental_relief, #health_problems, #Yoga etc. You can also use some phrase like”Follow me for better health consultations” or “Follow me for daily mental health updates”.

Hashtags must be used by everyone relevant to their job industry. Using hashtags relevant to your job makes you more familiar with your industry. Figure out the most commonly used hashtags in your industry and dip them into your tweets.

  1. Provide Valuable Content

Make better strategies to grab more followers in less time. Providing useful content to your audience related to their problems will make you more engaged with them.

You will be able to grab the attention of your followers and surely attract same minded people. Your audience will wait for your next content and if they find it useful (surely they will be) they will also recommend others. Provide something useful to your followers; this will help you in building strong bonds between you and your followers.

Avoid tweeting those kinds of contents that are none of your targeted audience’s business.

As for a mental health professional, you must figure out the issues your followers are dealing with. Someone facing any kind of mental health problem is also out of confidence. Thus, providing them some motivational content will be handy and completely digestible.

People suffering from depression or anxiety are totally exhausted and need somebody to share their problems. If you share some useful content relevant to their problems they will feel more connected with you.

  1. Running a Contest
Source: Flickr (quintanomedia)

This is one of the best and newest strategies used by most of the top marketers. For a mental health professional, this strategy can be very useful.

Run a contest and finalize a giveaway to the winner. Always choose the giveaway relevant to your audience interest. You can also provide a free giveaway to the people dealing with any kind of mental health problems.

You can offer them free motivation eBook, a real book, free consultation, expert reviews and other relevant kinds of stuff. The contests are eye catchy, grab more attention and help you in building your brand online.

Always provide high chances to the audience to qualify for the contest. For a person suffering from any kind of mental health problem, it may be painful to be disqualified for any contest.

If you have many social media accounts you must promote your contest their too.

  1. Provide Assistance Individually

What will be better than that people get their consultations using twitter? The individual consultation will help you in building the desired audience at a certain time.

It will help you in reaching new people and providing them something valuable regarding their problems. You can provide them consultation using various connectivity sources including voice calls, videos calls, direct messages etc. The individual assistance strategy is used by top MNC’s like JetBlue airlines and more.

Direct assistance via any source helps in building a personal bond with the target audience. The best way to make personal communication is to move your followers into a direct message.

  1. Attract Local Users

Always use your local address in your Twitter bio; this will help you to connect with the local audience. For mental health professionals, this strategy will be very helpful in connecting with local people. With a service like MYUKMailBox, you can get a UK Street Address even if you aren’t from UK. Look for what services are available which can get you a local address from where you are running your business.

You can establish a personal connection with the locals if you meet them on any social media platform. You can mention your work address in your tweets so that locals can visit there.

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  1. Include Images

Always make effort to include images with your tweets. Tweets with relevant images get 18% more engagement compared to those with no image.

Infographic is the demand for online marketing and it will also help you in establishing your own image in your industry. You can use short videos and GIF’s to make your tweets more attractive.

Images keep your tweets on the track and never make your audience off. Using relevant images with your tweets flaunt your tweeting skills to the mass.

  1. Use Your Image in Bio
Bio Image
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Always use your headshot in your Twitter bio nobody wants to interact with an automated Twitter account. Not using your headshot in your Twitter bio may make your audience uncomfortable to engage with you.

This rule is also applicable while following others. When you follow anyone to make sure he/she must have headshot in the Twitter bio. There are tons of fake twitter accounts and almost all of them are with fake bio image.

Don’t use your brand logo if you want more engagement with the mass. A perfect headshot in a Twitter bio makes it more appreciable and makes the audience feel that they are connecting with a real person.

  1. Tweet on Weekends

You must tweet on weekends. Research shows that weekend tweets received 17% more engagement compared to other days.

For professionals, it becomes easy in interacting with more people because users have more time to spend on social media. People suffering from mental health problems can better explain their issues on weekends and if they consult you via social media you can provide them great solutions.

Final Note:

As for a mental health professional, it is not easy to spend much time on social media. I know they have a lot of tasks to complete. If you want to increase your follower circle on Twitter in less time you can apply these top 10 strategies.

If you are a mental health professional and want to provide consultation to a patient in your own home or workplace, social media can provide you a bigger audience.

It will be easy to interact with people who do not live nearby or even in your city. You can provide them consultation via various social media sites especially Twitter.

Suraj is a full-time blogger and a social media expert currently working on the Growth Hacking department of MYUKMailBox.

Suraj Kumar

Suraj is a full-time blogger and a social media expert currently working on the Growth Hacking department of MYUKMailBox.