Hacking – a disease that has no cure

Hacking is a term too common nowadays, known to the masses and everyone is almost aware of what it does. However, what most people do not know is the other side of hacking. You see hacking is not all bad and devilish. It also has some light in it that actually works to promote the overall efficiency of our wellbeing. For instance, hacker is divided into categories like black hat hacking along with white hat hacking. There is a 3rd type as well-known as grey hat hacking which is a mixture of both.

What’s hacking?

A tech savvy individual having a grasp over technology and uses the same valuable information, experience with others to help them grow and proper (the good side).

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A person having similar skills and gadgets but has some other intentions and isn’t willing to settle for anything that’s free. For instance, sharing knowledge doesn’t let you earn much as compared to wiping out an entire bank account.

Perception of the masses on hackers:

People are rather afraid of hackers and this very concept gives those goosebumps on many occasions. We won’t be wrong to say that the word ‘hacking’ can be used as a synonym for some criminal activities. But this quite relatable as the majority of the hacking side is involved in terrible activities which results in chaos, destruction and more.

Black hat:

This is one that you are mostly aware of and hear on the news all the time. This is where the damage is done and this is the only type of hacking that you should be afraid of. The other types may pose threat on you, but not as much as the black hat. The idea in this is to take away whatever there is for taking and return less or nothing. Hence, these are pretty much the people you cannot trust.

When black hat hackers find vulnerabilities they exploit them illegally, and share how to do so with others.

White hat:

Ethical hacking is what defines best this type of hacking. These are the same skilled people but only have other intentions (which do not pose threat over you or any other individual). They are created as a task force mostly used by the governments for the extraction of data, fixing of flaws, pointing out loopholes and making sure the black hat people do not find any way inside. It’s the positive side of hacking which most people aren’t aware of.

Grey hat:

The final type of hacking is the grey hat hacking where there is no code of conduct and any individual having a bit of knowledge can do whatever pleases them. They aren’t working for the law hence, can do some actions that aren’t legal. The same people could find vulnerabilities or loopholes in a system and instead of reporting them, they could actually take advantage out of it without sharing that data with others.

Grabbing points:
Now that you have an idea about hacking and how it isn’t that bad at all, you might be able to pursue in this category and even find some skill or two that you may polish as there is a good side as well. But that doesn’t mean you’re all safe as you know there is a category that you cannot trust. Hence, as there are two sides to a coin, the same is the case that exists in the case of hacking. As it started, it was only the darker side that prevailed in the societies and the positive side came into existence only later but it’s still better than not having it at all.

James Williams is the Lead Content Strategist and loves to write alot. His main interest is in web related threats, phishing scams and social networking hoaxes.

James William

James Williams is the Lead Content Strategist and loves to write alot. His main interest is in web related threats, phishing scams and social networking hoaxes.