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Guide on How to Hit the Jackpot at MBA in International Business

Guide on How to Hit the Jackpot at MBA in International Business

Are you a graduate and considering to pursue postgraduate education? It could be that you want to specialize in a specific field or are aiming to go high up the ladder, in a particular company. After graduation and, or working for a few or several years, one may start thinking about going for further studies.

There are many options available, from a Master’s program to an MBA program. One may wonder what their differences are or if they are the same thing, especially relating to International Business. In summary, a Master’s program International Business is highly specialized as compared to an MBA Program.

A common characteristic of both programs, is, however, the need for an MBA statement of purpose, with the MBA changing to Masters in the case of a Master’s program. An MBA IB opens the understanding of the candidate to the external interactions that influence the operations, efficiency of business at the global level.

Which Program should I choose between a Master’s or MBA in International Business?

You are probably wondering which is the ideal option for you, between a Master’s and MBA program in International Business? A Master’s in International Business specializes on almost exclusively focuses on issues related to international business and its practices.

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That is, the curriculum of MIM (Masters in International Management) emphasizes on management with a perspective that crosses cultures. On the other hand, MBA IB, not only helps you to develop specific multinational language, but also your management skills. It equips you with a skill set that you can apply to other areas of business and thus you can apply to a different field, in case you want a change in career.

What are the Topics that MBA IB Focus on?

As you look for the options available to you, to improve and gain the valuable skill set to your career, it is of utmost importance to understand what to expect in a particular field of study. It is also an important step in writing a statement of purpose for MBA, as it will provide you with useful pointers to add to the statement of purpose.

I stated earlier that MBA IB gives the candidate an understanding of the external interactions that affect a business on a global level. Most MBA programs in International Business focus their curriculum on:

•    International financial services

•    Customs and attitudes that are unique

•    International governmental policies

•    Management across different cultures, and other factors that affect the operations o multinational businesses

Advantages of an IMBA/ MBA IB

a)    Offers one the understanding of the operations of the global markets

Over the years, there has been a growing number of businesses that are competing at the global level, and the numbers keep increasing. Graduates with an MBA IB, are equipped with knowledge and skills necessary for a business to operate successfully on a global level.

You will also have the option of venturing into other areas of business, e.g. Finance, consulting, etc.

b)    Chance to specialize in a particular language

If you are planning to work in a country that doesn’t use English as their primary language of communication, you will need to learn that country’s language of communication. It is an opportunity to add another language to your skill set and learn about a different culture from yours.

c)    Opportunity to be part of a Study Abroad Program

It depends on the type of program that you are admitted to and the school. You may get the chance to study in a foreign country if the school has international campuses or are affiliated with a school in a different country. You can check the website of a potential school for this information.


For you to be considered for any MBA program, you will need to have a neatly done statement of purpose business school. It should be able to outline the reasons why you are a suitable candidate for that particular program. By highlighting your leadership skills and ability to collaborate with others on a task, most importantly.

Your choice of a particular MBA or postgraduate studies should be well informed. We hope that the above article will give you insight into MBA in International Business if you are considering to pursue it.

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