Google Search Best Hidden Games and Easter Eggs [Infographic]

If most of us are honest we will confess that on occasion we may spend time in the office doing something other than actually working. We may take a quick look at the news online, start planning for a getaway break or even just catch up on the latest gossip via social media. However, you may not be aware that Google has hidden a number of Easter Eggs within their products to change the way we kill time in the office in much the same way as they have revolutionized search. The Easter Eggs include addictive games that enable you to while away spare minutes, or longer, that will, if you’re not careful, also reduce your productivity level.

The infographic guide below lets you know where to find these hidden games. Including PC games hidden in Google Earth, Google Maps and, for those old-school games, Pac-Man and Atari Breakout, along with platform games in chrome you can play offline (always handy if you have an internet failure at work). We’ve also included Flappy Droid, an extremely challenging game, which is hidden in your android phone that you can play a little more discreetly than your full-size PC, so there’s less likelihood of being caught playing games rather than working.

Take a look at the guide, it shows you where to find these fantastic hidden games and which device you’ll find them on. We’ve also included difficulty levels and an addictiveness rating, to help you choose which one to play when you feel the need to kill some time.

Have fun reading the infographic, we’re sure you’ll find it interesting, and kill some office time playing Google’s Hidden Games. We’ve included a hint on how to quickly minimize your PC screen should your boss walk in while you’re playing instead of working!

Source : Euroffice.