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How to download WhatsApp themes in Android

How to download WhatsApp themes in Android

Hey guys and girls, I am back with some new interesting tech-related information so, we won’t waste any time, however, let’s get started.

So everyone is aware of that WhatsApp is not allowing us to change the inside app theme (It is at the time when I am writing this), I hope we get a future update with this feature.

In WhatsApp app, you only get an option change wallpaper, but after a long time of usage of WhatsApp, we need something like the new theme. A perfect example of our desire for the new theme would be: What will happen to you if you would eat curry-rice for that whole year?.”

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Every person wants some change in his or her life, similarly, you or any other wants some change in any aspect even in the original WhatsApp application. It is mostly used in every smartphone by everyone nowadays, it feels dull to see the same theme every day, so I am here to explain you some my methods through which you can get lots and lots of new an amazing themes in your basic WhatsApp app. I am giving a number some of the themes, some are compatible with the specific smartphone so try the other if one is not working for you and your phone.

1) GbWhatsApp:-

This method is mostly compatible with all the devices and is the one who gives you an option to choose, download and apply anything from under $10,000 for the boys for this all you need to do it for some quick stops to install and use it

  • First take the backup of your chats through original WhatsApp so, if something happens your chats will be protected.
  • Download the gbwhatsap app using the below-given link.
  • ‎Install this app & sign in using the mobile number like original WhatsApp app.
  • At first, this will be like normal WhatsApp application but on the menu, you would see an option to download themes.An important point to know is that you wouldn’t require uninstalling your original WhatsApp for installing or using this app you can also enjoy some more amazing theme based changes in some of the things of this featured app.

2) Mi themes:-

This is specific for Xaomi smartphones as they are the only ones with Mi themes app. There are some specific themes available in this app which gives you such feature an example of the theme from my side, will be “stylish” it is about 28 MB in size and this changes a WhatsApp theme from green to blue.

In this theme, you will also notice that specific reason the icons in WhatsApp application will change, it will be a truly new experience for you and me. Right now I am searching other themes with such features.

3)WhatsApp Theme Installer:-

This is an app with which you can download from any browser by just typing WhatsApp theme installer download apkinstall it and enjoy a lot of things in your WhatsApp app

4) WhatsApp Reborn:-

This is some other version of WhatsApp, with this you will be able to customize many WhatsApp appearing things like send message color, basic page color, tick mark color, Etc. This was not working when I recently tested so this is to be applied when any other methods don’t apply to you.

5) Keyboard Theme for Chat App:-

This one is not actually a complete theme as it suggests the name. This is just for any keyboard, which will allow you to get new themes for any keyboard which you can use in your daily life. This keyboard will work with any application on your Android smartphone

6) ‎Among the stars Theme:-

For using this app you must install the Parallel Space application available from Google Play Store, after that created clone app for WhatsApp & then you will be able to get a new theme. Guys and girls do note that in use, sometimes parallel space app shows ads when you use it. The theme will be under subject “Space and Stars” as it suggests from the name.

7) ‎WhatsApp Plus:-

This is another application which can help you on this topic. This was developed by Rafalense in 2013. This will help you increase picture quality, change Icon color and allows you to send a number of media, for this article “helps-to-customize-your-theme”. Please know that it was checked by me about a long time ago, at that time it was a compatible with “Samsung Galaxy s3” only, so find a good server and download it. And before permanently using this app try it first. For installing this app you would require to uninstall original WhatsApp application so, don’t forget to take back up your chats to be on the safe side.

8) Rooting:-

The above-mentioned methods do not involve any kind of rooting to your phone. But if you know about it, it is said ” The key to lots of gates of the smartphone world.” So after you think about rooting and complete it, you will be able to download any theme or run any other app. Do know that rooting cancels the warranty of your smartphone in most of the brands, so if you want to root your phone collect complete knowledge about it and perform accordingly.

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