Dorm Room Tips And Tricks Every Student Should Know

No matter if you have already been in college for some time now or you are a college freshman, living in a dorm means downsizing and always being on the lookout for creative solutions. As you have little room, it is necessary for each of your belongings to have their assigned space, otherwise, chaos strikes. A messy room can break your concentration and take away your will to study.

But don’t worry as we have tips and tricks to help you out.

Metal grid for school supplies

You can put a metal grid on your wall over your desk which you can repurpose to suit your needs. Clip on your basic supplies, calendar and chore’s list, so they are within easy reach and always on display. This is also a great way to free your desk space.

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Wire wall organizer or DIY cardboard boxes for your notes

You will need your notes neat and organized as you run off to your classes. By placing a wire wall organizer on your wall, all of your notes can have their own place. This means that they will be easy to find and won’t take up any space at all.

If you are more a DIY type of person, make your own organizer out of cardboard cereal boxes. Cut them in shapes you need and place them standing up to take up as little space as possible on your shelf or desk. Some glue and a colorful tape will make them unique in addition to being helpful.

More space in your closet

A tiny room comes with a tiny closet. You can’t change its size, but you can reorganize its storage. Here are some great tricks to do it. You can place chains or S-hooks on your closet rode to create more space for your hangers. But if you feel more like DIYing it, collect some soda can tabs and hang them on your hangers. No wrinkles on your clothes, all outfits on display. Win-win.

Boxes for storage

Boxes are a great way to save space. You can use boxes in your drawers to create separate compartments, smaller boxes for school supplies or shoe boxes for socks or scarves. You can also use an egg carton for teeny tiny items like your rings. Both cute and handy.

Loft your bed

Though you can organize your desk, closet, and drawers, you might still need some more room, so it is time to use the space under your bed. You can use the storage which is already available or you can loft your bed and create additional room. Just don’t forget to check whether lofting your bed is allowed in your dorm.

Create more space with color

If you took that physics or art class, perhaps you are aware that colors can influence our perception of space. As dorm rooms tend to be quite small, shoebox size to be more exact, any trick you can use to make it bigger should be your priority. Many professionals such as ColourLife Sydney painters say that lighter colors make space seem bigger, so instead of going for a dramatic paint color next time, choose a light green, light blue, peach color or something similar.

Add some decor

Your dorm room is the place where you will relax but also study hard for your exams. Though it is a tiny space, you can claim it as your own. You shouldn’t overdo with the decor, but you can perhaps put a tapestry over your wall, some colorful cushions on your bed or a fluffy rug on your floor. These details will transform your dorm room into a really tiny home.

All in all, think outside the box to make your dorm room more practical. By using a few simple tricks, you can create more space in your tiny dorm home. By organizing your school utilities, you will create perfect space for acing your exams. Getting ready to go out will be much easier if your possessions have their own space. But to top it all, you have to make your room not only convenient but also pleasant, and so you should add a few well thought out pieces of decor. It will be your home for some time, right?

Helen Bradford is a literature and business enthusiast who constantly seeks new ideas to write about. She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling.


Helen Bradford is a literature and business enthusiast who constantly seeks new ideas to write about. She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling.