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How to Deal with Turnitin and Make Sure Your Paper Pass the Originality Test

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There are no shortcuts when it comes to writing a paper that you are not excited about, and although some students try their best, but still has a problem with plagiarism. Turnitin is a program that has caused students endless headaches. Trying to get your paper pass this checker can make you doubt yourself and all the effort you put in.

College papers carry high marks and thus it is crucial for students to get their papers through this copy scape program. This need not be your main concern when you already have a ton of other things consuming your mind. There are ways and means to get your paper pass without the headaches. Your teacher will likely put your paper through this program and if you want to learn how to beat this plagiarism software, we’ve got the tips to make that happen.

Copy nothing

Even if you find some information on the internet, be sure to rewrite it. Many students use the internet to do research or to simply find inspiration for a project they do not know much about. It might seem like a lot of work at first, but making sure that you do not directly rewrite what you find on the internet or any other sources is crucial. If you don’t, it would obviously be picked up as copied work. It is important to write as much of the paper yourself, but when you do find something inspirational anywhere, rather rewrite it in your own words. An essay copy checker will easily pick up a sentence that has the same structure as something already written and published. You might not know how to reword your paper at first, especially if the original sounds perfect. This is why it is important to not rush the process, but give yourself enough time to think about the rewording. It’s better to do it early, then to have to rewrite the entire paper from scratch.


A great way of making sure you do not get caught on Turnitin is to use synonyms for the keywords in your paper. This is going to still communicate your message without it being recognized as plagiarism. Of course, you should always make sure that the facts stay the same and is properly researched. If you cannot prove that it is indeed so, you want to continue to dig a little deeper, until you get to the core of the subject. The way this program works is to read sentence by sentence. If one of those complete sentences are exactly the same as another source, it will be picked up. Using synonyms keeps the meaning and the structure of your sentence the same, without it being seen as plagiarism. It is by far the most effective way to help you pass Turnitin. You can also do an online search to check for relevant synonyms. First, write your paper the way you see fit and do the synonym change in your editing process. You do not want to curb your creativeness by breaking away from your paper to search for synonyms.


You can completely change the structure of a sentence by using different characters. Make sure that you are not using commas in the wrong place because that does, in fact, change the meaning of what you are trying to communicate. Also, using different letter formats from another language is another way to play around with characters. Here, you want to print out your work and see if the letter prints much more different than the rest of your paper. The English E and the Greek E for example, does look similar and is a commonly used example of beating Turnitin. It might seem like you are trying to cheat on your paper, but you simply want to get past this checker. If you know that most of your work is original, then you should not stress about it too much. There are just some subjects we all have to research and use the information we find in our papers.

Use your own checker

When I was in school, this was a big concern for me and I did not know how to check my paper for plagiarism until I did an online search. A great way to make sure that you pass your paper on Turnitin is to do a little check yourself. There is much online plagiarism checker you can use free of charge. If this paper is really important to you and you have a little change put away, you can also use a paid checker. These might go a little deeper to check sources other than the internet. This will set your mind at ease when that dreaded day comes when your teacher checks your work. At least when you do it yourself and something comes up, you have enough time to rewrite it before handing it in. Make sure you correct any plagiarism issue that comes up and even after you do that, put it through the checker again. If everything comes out clear, you are good to go. Of course, these checkers all work differently, but at least you tried your best to make sure your paper does not have any problems passing Turnitin.

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Ask a professional to help

Many students do not know how to get past Turnitin, but there are professional writers who do. These professionals make it their job to help you pass all copy scape programs. It might seem like a shortcut, but it need not be. You can write your own paper and ask a professional writer to rewrite it for you before submitting. Many students are doing this because it makes their chances better at passing the program. A college essay checker would more likely beat if you ask for help from someone who actually knows what they are doing. Also, note that this does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Look for websites who offer you the service at a lower rate. You might not always find success with the first writer you choose, but remember that there are much more out there who will do a good job. Once you find a writing service that you are happy with, keep the details for when you need their services again.


If you are one of those students who dread the plagiarism checker and believe that Turnitin is pure evil, try these tips out for yourself. Many students have worked hard on their papers, only to have this program tell them that their work has already been covered somewhere else. You want to be as original and authentic as possible when it comes to your school work but should not feel guilty if anything does come up on the program. If you know as far as possible that you did not directly or on purpose copy anyone else’s work, then you should not let it become your focus. These tips have been proven to work and will help you have peace of mind. Once you have applied these tips, let the idea of not passing Turnitin leave your mind. Good luck!

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