Crucial Facts about Security Technology in Trucking Industry

The entire shipping process will come to a halt if the trucks used by shippers are not equipped with trucking industry safety tech. The importance of having such is that there will be a negligible loss of freight during transportation and more importantly there will decrease the number of dangers for humans.

The Trucking Industry Safety Tech That We Are Hearing About

When we discuss safety tech being used in trucking industry we come across hearing about various innovative technological outcomes that have happened. We often hear about safety suites which can help in monitoring blind spots. Backup cameras and autonomous collision braking systems are amongst the most noteworthy advancements that are often highlighted. But if we notice then we will see the industry sector is themselves trying their level best to have innovative safety features so that operation becomes less hazardous.

If it is seen then we can clearly see that in America long-haul truck driving is one of the dangerous jobs. This is the foremost reason that trucking organization must upgrade their fleet so that the fleet can become less prone to accident. It is seen that 250,000 truck drivers face accidents every year and of these 1% to 2% are fatal in nature. The truck accident experts feel that the reason for such accidents is outdated safety equipment and lose regulation controlling the operation.

It is also seen that National Transportation Safety Board has started focusing on truck safety. It can easily be said that having such safety technology in place is less costly than having a truck collision. The cost of collision can skyrocket if it turns out to be fatal.

A Look At The Security Technology That Can Be Used

It is the time that we have a look at the security technology gadgets that can be used by the trucking industry.

Blind Spot Detection System: It is seen that trucks and tailors have enormous blind spots. These spots may lead to fatal accidents if not taken care of properly. So, it is expected that trucking industry immediate make mandatory to have blind spot detection systems in trucks and tailors.

Lane Departure: Same is the case with lane departure warnings. Such systems will notify a truck driver if he drifts too far from the lane. Both these will help drivers both experienced and inexperienced to avoid fatal accidents.

Zero-Collision Drive: An Accident Research Team conducted a research and showed that 90% of truck accidents are due to human error and truck collision is of the major reasons for fatal accidents. They have planned that by 2020 they will make 35 million trucks worldwide connected with collision-avoidance technologies.

The next-generation safety systems will make possible to have zero-collision drives possible. These systems will allow drivers to actually have reports from cameras and radar which will make them aware of the external conditions and the position of objects like cyclists and pedestrians in their vicinity. Having such data they will be having the ability to avoid accidents.

Automated braking: The inclusion of seat belts has made driving safer but there are some technologies which trucking industry must adapt. They must make mandatory having automated braking and cruise control assistance system in trucks. These automated systems will be faster to react than drivers when there is a sudden change in external conditions. This will allow the industry to avoid many accidents which occur due to late braking by drivers.

Smart fuel cap: This innovative technological equipment must be fitted in every truck. Can you imagine of a situation when a driver realizes that the vehicle has no fuel in the middle of a high way? He may have to walk a mile to reach the nearest fuel depot putting at stake the safety of his and also of the cargo and vehicle. Would it not be pleasant if the cap of the fuel tank monitors the fuel in the tank and makes the driver aware of the fact of having fuel? These smart caps are also suitable for preventing fuel theft which commonly happens.

Such gadgets are easy to fit and can be fitted in less than 30 seconds. The truck owner would not require not require any modification of the tank to have such a cap.

American Red Cross: This is another security gadget that must be there in every truck. The system can be powered in many ways. It has a solar panel, it has a hand turbine to power it or one can use some AAA batteries to power it up. When the automatic alert is on then the driver will have access to emergency weather reports, he can use the LED light for the light source and use that for charging their smartphone.

The massager: This unique device will enable a driver to have a massage when he is driving. Additionally, it will help to keep the back of the driver hot in cold weather.

Seatbelt stabilizer: There are many benefits of using this easily installable security equipment. It will help to keep the hip of the driver in proper place, prevent from slouching, have improved control, have fewer back pains and gives better driving control. Yes, a driver can have all these benefits by installing this amazing security equipment.

Motor oil tester: You can definitely imagine a condition if a driver notices that the motor oil is contaminated. This equipment will enable a driver to know whether the oil is contaminated and a change is necessary.

Bluetooth-enabled radio: This gadget will enable a driver to be in direct contact with anyone anytime. In case of emergency, they can contact for having help which is required quite often in log drive.

We may all be fans of technological gadgets but these gadgets are of a different sort. They are life-saving and offer a way to have a safe drive. Having such technological security gadgets must be made mandatory by trucking industry so that the safety of the driver, vehicle and cargo can be ensured.

William L. Vinci is the content manager at which specializes in making the best and long running bodies for the trailers and dump trucks. By using the most modern methods and technology and we have best results in service of steel dump trailers, aluminum dump trailers and hydraulic fifth wheels.

William L. Vinci

William L. Vinci is the content manager at which specializes in making the best and long running bodies for the trailers and dump trucks. By using the most modern methods and technology and we have best results in service of steel dump trailers, aluminum dump trailers and hydraulic fifth wheels.