How to Create an Impressive Business Biography for Your Website

As more people access the internet on a daily basis, so is there need for businesses to go online. And as such, have their business websites up and running. There are several things to consider and incorporate into any site.

Be it an easy to use, design, or compelling wording on the site. For any business website, the “About Us” page is the one that people visit most. It is the place to attract new customers, and send the message that you are they are at the right place.

You don’t need a title generator, to understand that. It is the chance for you to sell yourself and the business to potential clients. How do you achieve this?

1. Introduce Yourself

The visitors to the “About Us” page, want to know more about the business. Grab their attention by introducing yourself. Make it easy for them to want to know more about you. Use a conversational style of writing.

In the introduction; include the basics about you. From your name, professional experience, certifications, relevant professional memberships, awards, etc. Use a creative title maker, if you have to.

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Be authentic and let the audience see the person or business behind the curtain. Know your voice. Write about the things you know best. It should be in such a way that when you meet a reader in person, they will feel like they already know you.

2. Write for the Audience

In the same that you have to tweak your resume for each position you apply to, so should you in writing a business bio. Put in mind the client who will visit your office. What is it that they would like to know?

Talk about what they could expect if they choose to work with you on a project. One of the reasons why people choose a particular person to work with is because they like them. Write about the aspects or qualities of the business that speaks to the visitors to your site.

3. Communicate your Business Philosophy

Help your audience identify with your company. What do you stand for, justice, transparency, etc.? Chances are you are in a competitive field. You need to stand out from your competitors.

Give your visitors a reason to rally around your business. We all love to rally around a good cause, or don’t you? Show that you love and are excited by what you do.

4. Write in Third Person

Instead of using “I,” use “he/ she.” It will help you provide a distinction between you, and the person who wrote the content. It doesn’t matter if you are the one writing it.

People will be more willing to trust you and what is said about your business. It also enhances professionalism.

Use plain English to share facts and impacts. Remember, not everyone speaks the language in your industry.

5. Tell your Story

There is a reason why you started your business, share it with your audience. Let them understand your businesses “a-ha” moment. Did you see an opportunity that you just couldn’t let it go?

Or is it that you were frustrated about something, say service or product. It will help you build a connection with the business, and more so, if the reader can relate to your experience. They will also get to see you as a person.

It is also the opportunity to share your future goals. It will reassure potential clients that you are in for the long haul. Thus increasing the chance of them choosing you.

6. Call To Action

You have shared your story, and the reader can feel the connection to the business. It’s now time to maximize on that, by asking the visitor to take action. Know what you want the people to do after reading your bio.

After all, you are a business and need to attract real customers to your site. Tell them to call you. Provide them with a way to get in touch. Inform them that you offer a free consultation. Ask them to stop by your offices, or shop, etc.

Place the details about your phone number or email, at the end.

7. Update it Regularly

As your business grows, so should your business bio. Include new milestones reached, and accomplishments made. Your bio should not be static. Keep it fresh. Share it internally with existing employees too.

You never know the impact it may have on both current and future employees. Include relevant links. Provide a link to an award you won or a link to your active social media profile.


Your business bio should communicate to the reader why they should choose you. It should be appealing and relatable, as should the results of a research paper title generator. Share your story and make it easy for a potential client to connect with you.

Eva Read is a professional writer and a content manager. She find inspiration in music, yoga and books. Her life motto is “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

Eva Read

Eva Read is a professional writer and a content manager. She find inspiration in music, yoga and books. Her life motto is "Opportunities don't happen. You create them."