How to Become a Master of Pen: Get Rid of Clichés in Writing?

The world goes through a gradual transformation in the manner in which it carries out writing both the content and the manner in which messages pass to the desired readers without distortion. The actual meaning of writing would be an understatement if you would only consider the scribbling of symbols on pieces of paper rather than considering the artistic nature.

Writing should be a part of the human nature and the roadmap to identifying with the past and the present of people and their behavior through these times.

Evidently, to become a master in writing any form of work associated with writers, you would require to set yourself apart from any real individuals who also write for the sheer fun. Giving all the energy and dedication to the work you do acts like the map to creating an engaging writing practice paper which gives you recognition.

The following points describe the common mistakes in writing and how to eliminate the errors.

What clichés remain dominant in writing?


The whole world we live in presently despises theft of any form and would punish anyone who performs or takes part in any manner of stealing such as plagiarism. Plagiarism means the use of a person’s ideas in writing without permission and passing out the same ideas to the general public as yours as a form of an integrative essay.

The menace brought about by plagiarism brings about writings themed as unoriginal and lacking in the true meaning of meaningful writing.


The way in which an individual would interpret the story of writing work does not aim at putting down fiction work created by renowned writers and creating a crisis in the industry. Falsehood in this context applies to the lack of any inspiration or convincing in any story and the expectation of the same work getting a presence in a world full of authors.

As an aspiring author sticking to the concept of simplicity rather than technical ideas that do not contain any form of human attachment conditions a reading environment sure to turn off anyone planning to read your work.

An off-story

Off story sets itself apart as a disgrace to writing by corrupting the reason behind the struggle to become the perfect writer with distinction. An above story compares to any transport means without clear destinations and routes, and in turn, your audience does not understand or interpret with you want to pass out as the message.

Detest, and unwanted reviews include the results of an above story no matter the level of literacy of the readers.

Getting rid of the clichés

The correct writing style

The perfect style that leads to becoming a master of pen remains a gradual process from the investigated experiences of other authors. The first step to identifying the appropriate method for you to write requires the trial of all the possible styles and deciding on what fits your personality and not what everyone does or sounds famous. The best and fitting techniques form the foundation for becoming a master of the pen.


The grammar in any written work creates the flow of the story explained in any writing by an author. One way of ascertaining grammar requires you to review paper format to remove all simple mistakes related to grammar such as spelling errors.


As an author, trying to get glory from your work, you need to sleep and wake up each day to improve your weak areas in writing. Continuous practicing of writing helps to remove any habitual mistakes you include in your work and ensures that you increase your creativity and authenticity.


The road to becoming a master in writing does not sail smooth, yet it remains possible to attain success in this field.

Eva Read is a professional writer and a content manager. She find inspiration in music, yoga and books. Her life motto is “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

Eva Read

Eva Read is a professional writer and a content manager. She find inspiration in music, yoga and books. Her life motto is "Opportunities don't happen. You create them."