Art of Hacking : 5 Things you Need to Follow to Become a Hacker

Hello, Readers , Today I’m gonna share how one can Learn Hacking and How to achieve your Hacking Goal. The word “HACK” (computer security) is one among most used and searched word by Billions of people.

Why people always search in google and ask a question in a famous forum like quora and infamous forum like Evilzone – How to hack into Computer? How do I hack Social Media account? how to become a Hacker ? because some people want to have fun , for Fame , Money and list go on. Many people ask a question like                    how to hack facebook using the software? In reality, it doesn’t work like that one cannot hack into social media using software . You might have come across some videos and Post where they write a post about hacking facebook using Facebook Hack Tool . Such Tools doesn’t exist finally you might end up in a survey or you might download a fake software. People publish video or post about hacking tool just to attract more traffic.They follow SEO strategy rather than post Quality to gain more visitors.

Adrián Lamo , threat analyst  answer  for a question How to become Hacker?  –  you do not want knowledge. You want answers. You do not want to learn how things work. You want answers. You do not want to explore. All you want to know is the answer to your damn questions.
You are not a hacker
Hacking is not about answers. Hacking is about the path you take to find the answers.

What he said is 100% True , I totally agree with him .Hacker will always find a way to his question . Do you know why people hate Ankit Fadia because People thinks he is a Fake he claims everything without any proof ? He is nothing but a Good writer , Speaker who attract people like Magician in reality he is not an Ethical Hacker. People thinks he is the guy knows how to Google but it will not make him Hacker , he is one among script kiddies.

5 Things you need to Follow to Become a Hacker 

#1 Basic Idea & Knowledge about Hacking

Before stepping into a world of Hacking , you need to have some idea about hacking. First of all Many people start with as Script kiddies then step into ethical hacker platform. Basic Idea of hacking is one cannot hack into social media or websites without finding any vulnerability on a website or in a computer . You can see in movies where Hackers interact with Non- GUI OS Computer and hack into any system easily but in reality, it doesn’t work like that. An easy way of hacking especially for Beginners would be social engineering – Advanced Phishing to hack into Facebook or Email (also known XSS scripting)  , Keyloggers, Installing Spyware in Andriod to steal chat database of WhatsApp , Spoofing, and social engineering Tricks list goes on. This would be Cheap tricks to Exploit victim. It is based on misrepresentation and relies on the trusting nature of Victim.

Social Engineering would be a basic step for Beginners but mastering this level you are not considered as a Hacker.

#2 World of Computer Security – Network & Ethical Hacking

Lots of things I have to tell you in this level but I will focus on main Aspects. As you see when it comes to Hacking you need to understand concepts of Computer Security especially

  • CIA ( Confidentiality , Integrity & Availability)
  • AAA ( Authentication , Authorization, and Accounting )
  • Security Policies
  • Protecting your Server & Client to prevent security Breach

You might think how this will help you in your hacking Journey , Definitely, this concept will come in handy as you move further. Let’s talk about Network & ethical Hacking key elements – main core of Hacking. The hacking discussion would be incomplete without networking concepts. First of all, understand different layers of the network so that you can exploit any loopholes in Network or Computer. The firewall would be basic of networking , learn step-by-step day-by-day just by looking nothing will ever enter your head. These concepts are really Tricky.Focus on  the main key elements of Networking & Ethical hacking.

  • Pen Testing – This is very important to find  out vulnerable of network or computer and it also helps you to exploit those loopholes
  • Cryptography – When it comes to Confidentiality ,Cryptography comes in . As we know there are different types of encryption to decrypt or to bypass authentication(even Biometric)  we use different Attacks like Brute-force Attack, Dictionary Attack …etc.
  • Footprinting and reconnaissance
  • Scanning Network to find security Holes.

As I told there are lots of things I need to tell you , but I have focused on main aspects , After Mastering these concepts you have finally entered level 2 , now you will come to know how things work in the hacking world and how difficult it is to achieve your Goal.The network would be the main vector of attack, especially for outsiders.

#3 Programming Skills for Hacking – Is it Required ?

According to my survey , Most hackers are not coders. Yes, programming Skills are required sometimes especially SQL which might come in handy during SQL injection. Python language is also known as a language for Hackers , Dive into Python if you are Black – Hat Hacker and want to design your own custom hacking Tools. Don’t forget about other languages like HTML , c , c+ , PHP – have some basic knowledge and need not be a book worm. I think just Basic Knowledge about programming would be enough for ethical hackers and other things they will come to know as they move further to next level.

#4 Hacking Tools and OS to try something Practically

After Finishing with your Theoretical part, let’s jump into practical session. You need some computer hacking Tools if you are trying something. You need to have some basic knowledge about Linux commands and how to interact with them. Kali- Linux is the best OS for hacking,Penetration Testing designed by Hackers for Hackers. Kali Linux has already many built in Tools like John the ripper, Nmap, Wireshark.etc.

#5 Exploring New Things and maintaining anonymity while hacking

For your information, this is not a final level to your hacking journey . There is no end page for Art of hacking. hence you need to explore new things take part in infamous forums like HELL , Evilzone and another infamous hacking forum on Darkweb and Surface web . Staying Anonymous would be a motto of Black Hat hacker. Also, learn how to stay Anonymous , and  Being Complete Anonymous is next to impossible. Try to Explore attacks like Zero- day exploit or DDOS (This attack is incomplete without large Botnet) , Man in the middle attack , Hijacking , DNS poisoning, DNS spoofing, Generating malware which are not yet verified by Antimalware signature… etc.Download some Ebooks,pdf from Torrent related to Niche.

My favorite place to learn Ethical Hacking is

Wrap up :

To be a Professional hacker , Think like a hacker you are the Tool to hack into any System and Computer Hacking Tools are just puppets and you are Puppet master. One day you will be a Hacker if your passion is Hacking, not your Hobby.Try to understand Attack surface and one more thing Physical security is a most important thing , a person can bypass any security the server uses to protect your valuable data if there is the security breach in your physical premises. Usually, Many companies use Defense in depth to protect their assets.

This article is only for educational purposes don’t even think about trying Illegal , definitely, you will regret if you do something illegal.

Manjesh shetty is  Founder of GOPCSOFT and B.Tech Graduate from Sahyadri College of Engineering. He is Part-time Tech Blogger, Mozillian, Developer by passion, an open source contributor and FOSS enthusiast. His writing and Tech-talks focus has been revolving around Hacking, Techie Tutorials, SEO, computer security.

Manjesh Shetty

Manjesh shetty is  Founder of GOPCSOFT and B.Tech Graduate from Sahyadri College of Engineering. He is Part-time Tech Blogger, Mozillian, Developer by passion, an open source contributor and FOSS enthusiast. His writing and Tech-talks focus has been revolving around Hacking, Techie Tutorials, SEO, computer security.