AOMEI Backupper 4.0.4 – The Easiest and Faster Disk Backup Software for Your PC

AOMEI Backupper 4.0.4 - The Easiest and Faster Disk Backup Software for Your PC

As all we know, now disk backup has played a more and more important role in information protection. Disk backup can help you backup all your files on the disk into a compressed image file, including all partitions or volumes on this disk, as well as system files. AOMEI Backupper supports to create a backup image of hard disk drive (HDD) or SSD so that you can restore it at a later time in case of system crash, disk failure or disaster. And if your system suffers a lot from data loss, you can also use AOMEI Backupper to avoid data loss or recover crashed system before computer breaking down. Now AOMEI Backupper 4.0.4 has released!

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AOMEI Backupper 4.0.4 – the latest version of the free backup software. This version is mainly to repair and optimize some function.

What’s new in Version 4.0.4?

Fixed issue:

  1. when backing up/syncing data to network mapped drives, it requires entering username and password repeatedly.
  2. if the bootstrap of the dynamic system volume has not been backed up, it will not be bootable when restored to other disks.
  3. It will not be bootable when restored to other disks if there is an error when changing the boot files of dynamic system volumes.
  4. in the cases of mounting image files in Windows XP/2003, it shows the partition is unformatted when accessing the partitions.


  • Optimized event-triggered backup of user logout and user login.
  • The task of the long path in file backup, file sync and file restore and avoid failure of these tasks are also optimized.
  • Even failed to connect to network share/NAS, image files stored on it can still be viewed and edited.

Now I will show the detailed steps of disk backup:

Step 1: Download AOMEI Backupper, install and launch it. Under the “Backup” tab, select the “Disk Backup” option.


Step 2: The “Task Name” can be set so that it can help to distinguish backups from each other. Then select a source disk that you want to back up, several disks will be back up at a time by clicking “Add”. Select a destination path to store the image file.



Step 3: Click “Start Backup” to carry out and wait until the operation is complete. Click “Finish” to exit the interface.




AOMEI Backupper’s disk backup is a  great importance for all the users. When your system come inevitable disk problem or data loss at any time, if you have not backed up the disk beforehand, you would be regretful when there are something bad happen. If your system is Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (not XP or Vista), you can download backup software with smaller installation package size.

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