Anonymous Hackers from worldwide : Everything you need to know about them

Anonymous also was known as Anons ,their major target is governments, organizations, and corporations in order to oppose internet censorship.
Anonymous is usually a temporary, loose “collective” not a group association, Political party, Institution or organization . They meet and unite at one place and where each participant shares their ideas to get something done for a specific cause. Most of the participants are pro-hackers.

Origin of Anonymous :

Anonymous was started as a joke on 4chan particularly the /b/ board of 4chan, name Anonymous comes from the default title of users who post in 4chan.Later it gradually became trolling group because of their popularity the idea of Anonymous became a viral internet meme.
Users of 4chan’s /b/ board would occasionally join into mass pranks and users of 4chan finally started to share their ideas about the prank…etc in IRC channel because of growing traffic of 4chan website.
Later this prank lead them to start a trollish behavior which includes sending unpaid pizzas to a house , DDoS , Prank calls. Finally, they became most popular hacktivists worldwide. It is a history of anonymous where it started out as a joke but it became real. Most Anons are from LulzSec .

How can we join Anonymous :

One can’t join Anonymous , as I said before anonymous is not a group or party so there is no membership , no form,no fees or no rules to join Anonymous. Anyone can be part of anonymous you , your father ,brother or your friends. Anonymous is just an Idea so anyone can be part of anonymous.Usually, you can meet some people in 4chan/b/ board and they plot their operation usually discussed on IRC channel and as I mentioned there is no specific IRC channel I can mention here. You can share your Idea with other anons if many anons like your idea then you can proceed with your operation.

Anonymous Operation :

Anons first major hacktivism was Project Chanology in 2008 , I’m not gonna discuss much their operation  propaganda in the article . Then Operation Payback in 2010 and later they carried out many operations like #OpSaudi , #OpISIS , and #Opparis ..etc.

Anonymous also brought down popular websites like Paypal , Mastercard,Visa which lead them to huge damage at a cost of Millions.
They also planned to take down Amazon website but they were not successful , because of many classified reasons according to a source they were the conflict between Hackers who used to control botnets also amazon is hosted by a Cloud Distributed Network so simple DDoS might not work.

what are the tools do Anonymous people use :

Anons usually perform DDoS , Beginning they started with Gigaloader and JMeter application later they moved into LOIC tool(low orbit ion canon) allowing them to flood websites with TCP or UDP packets . But alone LOIC will not take down websites , they need botnets. Nowadays most of the servers have an extra layer called Anti-DDoS layer provide by third party example would be CloudFlare but still, those layers are penetrated by Anonymous members.

Many Anons from worldwide take part in the operation and make a plot in the IRC channel and some Anons are Pro- Black hats they have huge Botnets under their control.These Anons perform DDos with LOIC connecting with IRC channel to control and command bots.

Can Anonymous be Traced :

yes , they can be traced since they use LOIC , due to IP auditing we can get list of Attackers IP but this IP are usually spoofed and most of them are botnets and Botnets are controlled by the attacker and these botnets are usually infected by Virus or Trojan horse malware and botnets performs DDos attack without user consent and finally wipes its history logs.

Some participants in Anonymous who are new to this that think the LOIC carried no legal risk but many less experienced Anons who failed to mask their IP completely which lead to their arrests.Since all participants don’t know each other so other Anons are completely safe.

Paypal is a victim of Anonymous who met with a huge loss of 5.5million and later Paypal provided the IP addresses of 1,000 of its attackers to the FBI which are extracted from received attack packets and IP auditing, but which lead to at least 14 arrests out of 1,000. These 14 people were bit less experienced and we can also say they are bit unlucky
Their main aim is to stay Anonymous during operation .

Being part of Anonymous is a legal or not :

Until no illegal operation is carried out Being part of Anonymous is legal , According to the government view, all the activities of Anonymous is legal and but actually they are not.If you get caught by government agencies you will be arrested.
Best way to describe Anonymous is to compare them to DC character Batman where Government , Cops hates him , treat him as threat to society but actually he is not we all know he likes to stay anonymous and work in shadows and he works according to his rules which are against government and same goes to Anonymous they perform some operation which is actually for social cause.

Rumour :

When I discuss with other hackers in IRC they usually say some Anonymous operation is carried out by Bush.But there are no proofs, so it might be rumors.

Wrap up :

What Anonymous people says Anonymous is an Idea You Can’t Arrest an Idea .one thing is sure that there is much classified information which is not yet publicly leaked.
Thier Tagline

We are a Legion We do not forgive We do not forget “Expect Us”

Manjesh shetty is Part-time Passionate Tech Blogger.Whose writing focus has been revolving around Hacking ,Techie Tutorials ,SEO ,computer security.who considers himself more of a blogger than student. Aside from work & studies he enjoys spending time in watching Anime and DC series.

Manjesh Shetty

Manjesh shetty is Part-time Passionate Tech Blogger.Whose writing focus has been revolving around Hacking ,Techie Tutorials ,SEO ,computer security.who considers himself more of a blogger than student. Aside from work & studies he enjoys spending time in watching Anime and DC series.